The New Jerusalem Project

Rev 21:16  And the town is square, as wide as it is long; and he took the measure of the town with the rod, one thousand and five hundred miles: it is equally long and wide and high.

God’s innovative skills dwarf the abilities of today’s entrepreneurs.

Job, Musk and Branson have nothing in comparison to what God has in mind.

God’s futuristic city, is a cube, 1500 miles in every direction.

To ponder a city 1500 miles high defies imagination.

A study of the New Jerusalem should motivate the church to think outside the box.

What can God do with me?

What does He want to do in my church?

Should we be satisfied to have our individual and church lives restricted in a two by two box, when God thinks 1500 by 1500 by 1500 miles?

The New Jerusalem model, in Revelation 21, should be studied in light of potential and possibilities with God.


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