A Word For 2015: Living from the Father’s Embrace

This is the latest blog entry of my friend Gina Choi.

welcome to unni's room ♥

Happy New Year Everyone! As we embrace 2015, I want to share with you guys a word that has been burning in my heart! Several years ago, I had the opportunity to attend a ministry training school in Canada where God did a lot of inner healing in my life. During that time, the Lord showed me a vision of a baby penguin and its father. If you guys ever watched a documentary about penguins and the arctic life, it is generally the fathers that look after the egg while the mother goes out into the sea for months to hunt. During this time, the egg is hatched and the baby penguin is brought forth into the world and the father looks after it. Because the baby does not completely have feathers that keep it warm like its parents, if it is exposed to the bitter cold for more than…

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