Eight South Florida Bible Seminars!

Eight fantastic Bible seminars now in South and Central Florida!

Host a seminar in your church, business, or home and not pay !


  1. How to Become a Spiritual Person
  2. The Biblical Quantum
  3. How to Make Church Theory into a Reality
  4. Entrepreneurial Shortcuts: Part 1
  5. Entrepreneurial Shortcuts: Part 2
  6. How to Make the Invisible, Visible,
  7. How to Minister in the Holy Spirit
  8. Understanding New Testament Greek

They are taught by Jose Alvarez.

Jose has served Jesus Christ since 1979.

He is a Bible teacher with twenty five year’s experience in Biblical languages.

Those who host, do not pay!

The seminars are best taught on Saturdays.

The time is from 10 am to 4 pm.

The cost is $10.00/ person/ session.

Brown bag or “fast food restaurant” lunch.

Call or email me if you want to host one of them!

Phone: 305.299.0633

Email: citvnet@gmail.com

Web site: http://www.emergingusa.com/

Please click on the photos for detailed seminar information!


The How To Become a Spiritual Person Seminar


The Biblical Quantum Seminar

theory main

The How to Make Church Theory a Reality Seminar


The Entrepreneurial Shortcuts Seminar Part One


The Entrepreneurial Shortcuts Seminar Part Two


The Making the Invisible, Visible, Seminar


The How To Minister in the Spirit Seminar

Greek Seminar

The New Testament Greek Seminar

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