I Am Hungry!

I am praying for American children to acquire the same hunger that kids in Nicaragua have for the move of the Holy Spirit.

1623708_10152594256867287_8820660310072336999_n 1896957_10152594259637287_8552552345831206708_n 1978764_10152594261132287_899413575715889513_n 10155245_10152594262772287_4600743553804077519_n 10314508_10152594262177287_6655911120640481605_n 10349946_10152594263917287_4986123808125831077_n 10450684_10152594264647287_841280107384187726_n 10460921_10152594257622287_5703710268913437048_n 10480961_10152594258042287_2012138295761572349_n 10492099_10152594265677287_7052493310196844576_n 10494551_10152594265657287_8757844958872322130_n 10494593_10152594263892287_1472492576037555399_n 10511286_10152594255467287_2503913225865009375_n 10534491_10152594264137287_4012192310536728775_n

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