The Anthology Of a Santo Domingo Paella – Voila!

Look, and be amazed!

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Image My wife and I were invited to the Dominican Republic by our friends Fernando and Lorena Tapias. Fernando is known as a renowned paella chef. The paella is dish which includes yellow rice, chicken, and a variety of sea food, pimentos and peas. You can get it at exclusive Latin restaurants. The dish is expensive and can take an hour to cook, but, oh, is it worth it. We were fortunate that during our brief stay, Fernando cooked for us.

Image Fernando took us to a supermarket in Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic. You can notice his purchase. Red and green peppers, a variety of onions, chicken, shrimp, scallops, mini lobsters and seasonings. Yum!

Image When we got back to his apartment, Fernando and his daughters got all of the ingredients in order. The center bottom tray is minced fresh garlic

Image Fernando and his family lived in a beautiful pent…

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