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  1. The spirit of a tyrant is that of Goliath who mocked Israel or the Pharaoh who controlled it. Every tyrant mocks and controls the nation which he governs. A David and Moses can defeat him through God.
  2. God created Adam and Eve with a free will to accept and reject Him. If He did not, He would have a bunch of Stepford Wives. Some want free will not to obey God but not free when it comes to God managing tragedy, sickness, war, premature death and disasters.
  3. The one thing that trumps so called faith in God is encounter and experience with the God in whom you put your faith. Real faith in God is belief, plus encounter, plus experience. To believe in God is not just mental ascent, but an initial encounter with Him which leads to a life time of intimate experience with Him.
  4. What’s the hullabaloo with…

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