Powerful Biblical Search Features!

I have been using the Online Bible program since the 1990’s.

I believe that it is the first of the free downloadable Bible programs.

The Online Bible has served me well for twenty years.

First, download the program unto your desktop.


The advantage is that you do not need the internet to use it.

On an airplane, or in Africa, you can benefit  from this excellent program.

I want to teach you some great “Search” features of the Online Bible.

Open your program.


On the screen shot as well as in your program you will notice in the available choices on the top; “Window”.

Click on it and select “Tile as a single window.”

On the screen shot you note icons inclusive of a red bible, a lamp and a flashlight.

The flashlight is your search figure.

You can also use it by the F7 button.

Click on the flashlight.

Then tap the “set range” button.

Click on the “New Testament” circle and tap ok.

This sets your search to only the New Testament.

In the search box, write “word” and tap ok.

The one hundred ninety seven verses where the word, “word”, shows up on the New Testament are displayed.

The Online Bible uses the King James Version as its default.

The King James by exceedingly far is the most connected translation to all Greek and Hebrew resources.

Now hit the letter “S.”

This brings up the Strong’s Concordance.

You will note as I you can see in the screen shots and the program itself numbers bracketed in between <> or ().


The <> are your Strong’s definitions.

The () are only included for verbs and are represent their parsing.

You will note that the word, “word” verse list has such numbers as # 3056 # 4487 and # 2036.

This is why it’s vital to have a basic understanding of Biblical languages.

In the English, we read the word, word.

But in the Greek the meanings of these words are very different and very important.

For example, #3056 is the “logos” word which focuses mostly on God’s written word.


The word # 4087 which I have delineated on the screen shot is the “rhema” word which focuses mostly on God’s spoken word, through the voice of His Spirit.

Scroll down to Matthew 4:4.

This is an instance of the rhema word.

No click with your mouse on the < 4487 >.

The Strong’s Greek definition opens up.

Study it.

Now click on your flashlight or F7.

Type 4487.

This displays the sixty seven verses where the rhema word appears.

Now you can perform a study on the Word of God through His voice.

This is an extremely powerful word study.

Click on the flashlight and type “wor*”

The * sign performs a search on the root “wor.”

A verse list of 808 verses including “ word “, “words”, “worship” “worlds”, etc. pops up.

The * function is important in performing root searches.

Hit the flashlight and type “ word” & “ faith.”

The & is the and sign

The program displays eight verses where the words “word” and “faith” both show up.

Now type “word | faith.”

The | is the “or” sign.

The program now displays 418 verses where either faith or word is displayed.

You can also type in the Strong’s number for faith.

Faith is # 4102

Try it out.

Our type in 3056 & 4102.

You now get ten verses where 3056 which is the logos, the written word and faith show up.

You get the picture.

Your searches can be infinite and your knowledge of God’s word which sets you free, exponentially increases.

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