The Solutions To Obstacles Seminar

We are excited about our new and interactive seminar.
Available in South and Central Florida
Reserve one for church, business, or home.
Those who hosts do not pay
Best taught on Saturdays.
Time: 10 am to 4 pm
$10.00/ person/ session.
Checks or cash payable to “Jose Alvarez”
Brown bag or “fast food restaurant” lunch.
Phone: 305.299.0633
Web site:



a. What if my spouse is not a Christian?
b. What if my children are not Christians?
c. How can I focus my marriage on God’s Will?

Jose and Mary are happily married for twenty seven years. They have focused their marriage and family on God’s voice and agenda. The Alvarez have four adult children. They lived in New Mexico among Native American and in Kenya, Africa.



a. How Do I Study The Bible?
i. The personalization approach.
ii. Meditating on scriptures and the renewing of the mind
iii. Biblical language resources

b. What if a church leader or Christian hurt me and I am not attending church?

c. I Don’t Know How To Pray!
i. Obstacles in breaking through into God’s presence
ii. Intercessory, revelatory, and contemplative prayer.
iii. How do I get my prayers answered?



a. How Do I Get Out of Debt?
b. How Do I Find A Job?
c. Teach Me About Tithes and Offerings

Jose and Mary have been missionaries for twenty years. They have been in full time ministry for ten. They got out of debt, destroyed their credit cards and live by faith. You will learn to get a job by the voice of God.



a. What If I smoke as a Christian? How do I become free?
b. How do I lose weight?

Jose and Mary have lost cumulatively 110 pounds. They were chain smokers and heavy drugs and alcohol users. God set them free supernaturally and without rehabilitation. There is no condemnation in Christ. Learn how!



a. What Are My Spiritual Gifts?
i. We will administer a spiritual gift inventory!

b. How Do I Hear God’s Voice?
i. Learn the steps to effectively hear God’s voice

c. How Do I Prophesy?
i. Jose and Mary have prophesied to thousands around the world in twenty years.

d. How Do I Get Over My Fears of Ministering?
i. Jose was a severe stutterer who could not say his wedding vows. Now he is a Bible teacher. Mary was a shattered bulimic. How did they become free from paralyzing fears?


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