Is The Archaic The Devil?

 Rev 20:2  and he laid hold on the dragon, the old serpent, who is Devil and Adversary, and did bind him a thousand years,

The word “old” is archaic.

The Christian, as the “new” creation, spoken by Paul, is “novel” and “out of the box.”

A Christian who holds on to the familiar or traditional or archaic, might be playing into the devils hands.

The archaic might be the comfortable, but the comfortable might be the boring.

This is why the church only attracts “transfer Christians” i.e., those who change churches.

Churches have become “temporary relocation centers” for disenchanted Christians who seek for “greener grass” in the next church down the street.

Revival comes by lifting Jesus higher, never sweeten the Word of God, and stop being archaic.

14 Reasons to Relocate to Goshen; the Church’s Land of Prosperity.

Ge 45:10  and thou shalt dwell in the land of Goshen, and thou shalt be near unto me—thou, and thy children, and thy children’s children, and thy flocks and thy herds and all that thou hast.

 Gen 47:5  And Pharaoh spake unto Joseph, saying, Thy father and thy brethren are come unto thee:

6  The land of Egypt is before thee; in the best of the land make thy father and brethren to dwell; in the land of Goshen let them dwell: and if thou knowest any men of activity among them, then make them rulers over my cattle.\

 Gen 47:27  And Israel dwelt in the land of Egypt, in the country of Goshen; and they had possessions therein, and grew and multiplied exceedingly.

 Exodus 8:22  And I will sever in that day the land of Goshen, in which my people dwell, that no swarms of flies shall be there; to the end thou mayest know that I am the LORD in the midst of the earth.

 Exodus 9:26  Only in the land of Goshen, where the children of Israel were, was there no hail.

I read an article by Todd Bentley concerning Goshen.

  1. Goshen was a region in northern Egypt, east of the lower Nile, where the children of Israel lived from the time of Joseph to the time of Moses.
  2. This land was blessed and protected by God in an amazing ways.
  3. This is where Israel re settled during the great famine of Joseph’s time, being just a handful, and then grew and multiplied.
  4. Goshen was smack in the middle of the land of sin and idolatry, Egypt, and not in the confines of the country of Israel.
  5. God is enthusiastically more active outside the church than inside. His greatest blessings on the church is in spiritual Goshen, or as the church ministers in the unchurched marketplace of Egypt.
  6. God is touching the hearts of many unchurched through love, prayer and friendships, with people who don’t quite realize who He is.
  7. The great harvest of souls is here. Yet it will not be realized as Christians only minister to other Christians.
  8. The abundance of God is promised to those who will harvest, not to those who do not harvest.
  9. Spiritual Goshen is not found in Israel, it’s in Egypt. Goshen is not found inside the church, but outside of her. Goshen is the church, executing the kingdom of God in the unchurched market place.
  10. All that is needed to minister in Goshen is availability and flexibility. Just step into the market place and see what God will do through you, but by golly, do step out.
  11. God is creative and will use you in Goshen according to your personality. Be uniquely you and let God flow through you.
  12. Talking about revival and praying for revival without doing anything about revival is a waste of time.
  13. If your ministry is only to church folks you will develop (CBS); chronic boredom syndrome.
  14. What is a ghetto? It is the place that is created when Christians minister exclusively to other Christians without ever relocating to Goshen.

Let Revival Begin!

Dear Friends:

God has called us back to New York, specifically to the city of Nyack in Rockland County.

This is our sixth trip to Nyack from Miami.

The dates are September 15 – November 14th.

Our journeys began four years ago during visits to our daughter who was attending college in New York City.

I thought I would never have a desire to minister in big cities, but God not only gave us a love for New York, but revealed that He is doing a great work in the northeast.

Through a mutual friend we got connected with David Kim, pastor of Silver Springs Vineyard Church of Nyack.

Nyack is 50 minutes north of Manhattan on the Hudson River.

Through Pastor David we have met wonderful people in Rockland County.

With each trip God has increased the work which He is dynamically accomplishing with those inside and outside the churches of Rockland County.

New York City and Nyack both share in a rich revival history.

In 1857, God called Jeremiah Lamphere to initiate one of America’s Great Awakenings in Southern Manhattan near Wall Street.

In 1882, one of the foremost figure in the American missionary movement, AB Simpson, founded Nyack College as a training school for missionaries to fulfill the Great Commission of world evangelization.

Nyack College was the first Bible College in the USA.

The wells of revival dug by these great works have created an open heaven in this part of the country conducive to yet another revival which will impact the nation and the world.

In one of our trips we met Pastor Greg Manalli, of Fellowship of Life Church, in Cheshire, Connecticut.

He has prayed for revival in the northeast for more than thirty years.

Pastor Greg showed us three paintings of a vision which he received in 1980’s,

In them, the bellows of God blew revival winds into the New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts area with a great resultant harvest of souls.

The northeast is uniquely situated for a move of God which can touch millions at one time. There is no other region like it.

Boston, Philadelphia, New York City, Baltimore, and Washington DC, are all along the 1 -95 corridor and just hours from each other. Breaking revival in one area will quickly spread through this corridor.

With the social media phenomena the effects of a northeast revival will be explosive.

It is to this area that God continues to send Mary and me back, again and again.

The trips are expensive because we deal with two set of bills, one for New York and another for Miami.

Would you prayerfully consider partnering with us financially in bringing revival to our great nation?

Our corporation Emerging, Inc. is a 501 C 3 non profit ministry.

We issue you receipts at the end of the year for your taxable deductions.

Just click on the Pay Pal  button below.

Also consider connecting with us through social media if you are on it.

Thank you, and many blessings,

Jose and Mary



The bellows of God blowing revival winds into the New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts area with a great resultant harvest of souls. Given to Pastor Greg Manalli in the 1980’s.

David Kim

Pastor David Kim of Silver Springs Vineyard Church of Nyack, NY.

Wall street

In 1857, God called Jeremiah Lamphere to initiate one of America’s Great Awakenings in Southern Manhattan near Wall Street.

AB Simpson

Praying at the grave of AB Simpson. In 1882, one of the foremost figure in the American missionary movement, AB Simpson began Nyack College.

Simpson Hall

I believe that is is Simpson Hall in Nyack College. AB Simpson began his global missionary training here in 1882.

Steps from Nyack College

In this picture of Nyack College you can see steps on the right side. These steps go all the way down to the Hudson River at the foreground of the photo. Missionaries and missionary students from all over the world would from NYC, take boats to Nyack. From the Hudson River, with luggage and all, they would climb the hundreds of steps leading to the college.


The northeast is uniquely situated for a move of God which can touch millions at one time.

sharing jesus

Sharing Jesus on the streets of Nyack, NY.


Thirsty Thursday Revival evangelistic outreaches in Nyack. Some here are students from Nyack College.

Thirsty Thursday-001

Some of our good friends who participate in the Thirsty Thursday Revival evangelistic outreaches in Nyack.

The NT Greek and Bible Programs Seminars

The NT Greek and Bible Programs Seminars

Saturday, July 12, 2014

10:00 am to 5:00 PM


At the home of Hector and Meiling Avelino!!!

16024 SW 65 Terrace

Miami, FL 33193


If you need information on how to get to Meiling’s home the day of the seminar please phone me @ 305.299.0633


If you are attending or thinking of attending please read carefully through all the information and print the supplements at the end of this blog entry.


This seminar is being graciously hosted by Hector and Meiling Avelino. Thank you Hector and Meiling!


Meiling will provide us with cold cuts for lunch!



John 8: 32 And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.

When we know the truth of the Bible in its accuracy, it will set us free.


The truth will not set us free if we believe it in error.  We are set free through revelation knowledge.

Nothing is as effective in the revelation of the scriptures as the original language of Greek.


Here is what you will learn!


  1. This exciting NT Greek seminar will teach you the fundamentals of the Greek verb tenses, voices, and moods, plus the noun cases.
  2.  Secondly, we will will teach you how to use the Online Strong’s Concordance, the second most important book in the world.
  3. The seminar will be combined with three outstanding free Bible programs which you will download and which you will learn to use effectively with your knowledge of the NT Greek.
  4. We will teach also you how to use the Verb TVM (Tense, Voice and Mood) Coded System on the Online Bible.
  5. We will teach you how to use the Grammatical Parsing System of the Interlinear Scripture Analyzer.
  6. We will teach you how to use E Sword and add to it from the most extensive free library of Bible resources on the internet @


 We strongly encourage you to bring your computers, for we will use them.

If you do not have a computer please do come. All the information which will be covered can be utilized without a computer.


For sake of time and the unavailability of the internet at Hector and Meiling’s with many people, I am going to request you to please download the following programs prior to attending!

 Here are the links for you to download.

If you run into problems with the downloads please Face Book me prior to the seminar.



Online Bible Program

Download unto your desktop


Program Starter Pack (Unicode Version)



Interlinear Scripture Analyzer

Download unto your desktop


“ISA basic v2.1.5”



E Sword

Download unto your desktop


E Sword V 10.3.0 Install ( not the update )



E Sword Module Installer

Please download to your desktop.


E-Sword Module Installer 0.4: Updated


You need to open a free account with Bible Support in order to download the E Sword Module Installer



Once again, this seminar is being graciously hosted by Meiling Avelino. Thank you Hector and Meiling!

She will provide us with cold cuts for lunch.

We will take one hour for lunch.


The cost of the seminar is $10.00 payable in cash or made out to “Emerging, Inc.” if you are using a check.

Please bring the money with you the day of the seminar.

**If you have a financial hardship case and cannot afford the $10.00 please contact me. I am much more interested in you leaning the Word of God than in your $10.00. Many blessings


If you need information on how to get to Meiling’s home the day of the seminar please phone me @ 305.299.0633


There will be no child care. Sorry.


Thank you!



Please print the following supplements before coming to the seminar.



Supplement One



In the Greek, verb tenses are most focused on action.

The action can be described as one of the following three.


1) Continuous (or ‘Progressive’) action.

2) Completed (or ‘Accomplished) action, with continuing and even eternal results.

3) Simple occurrence, without the notion of progress.

(This is sometimes referred to as ‘punctiliar’ action or a photograph on history’s timeline.


Punctiliar:                         Action that relates to a specific point in time. The photographic tense

Linear:                                Action that is in the progress of occurring

Perfected:                         Action that is both punctiliar and linear in nature. It can refer to action relating to a point in time, yet has results are in the progress of occurring, and can be eternal.




Present Tense

The present tense denotes a continuous kind of action. It displays action in progress and or in state of perseverance.



The imperfect tense demonstrates constant or linear action just like the present tense, but in the past. It always indicates an action constantly or repeatedly occurring in past time. It portrays the action as going on for some extended period of time in the past.



The aorist is said to be a “simple incident, event or happening” without regard for the amount of time taken to accomplish the action. This tense is also referred to as the ‘punctiliar’ tense. I call it a photographic snapshot on history’s time line.

In the indicative mood the aorist tense represents action that occurred in the past time, often translated like the English simple past tense.



Just like the English future tense, the Greek future tells about an anticipated action or a certain happening that will occur at some time in the future.



The perfect tense is a combination of the aorist and present tense. It denotes a simple action occurring in the past, but with continuing results in the present, future and maybe for eternity.



A participle is regarded as a “verbal adjective”. It is frequently a word that ends with an “-ing” in English (such as “speaking,” “having,” or “seeing”).

It can be used as an adjective, in that it can modify a noun (or substitute as a noun), or it can be used as an adverb to further explain or define the action of a verb.



The Greek infinitive is the form of the verb that is usually translated into English with the word “to” attached to it, often used to complement another verb.

It can be used to function as a noun and is therefore referred to as a “verbal noun”.




Grammatical voices in the Greek indicate whether the subject is the performer of the action of the verb (active voice), or the subject is the recipient or receiver of the action (passive voice).


Active Voice

If the subject of or in the sentence is performing the action, then the verb is referred to as being in the active voice.


Passive Voice

If the subject of the sentence is being acted upon, then the verb is referred to as being in the passive voice.


Middle Voice

The Greek middle voice shows the subject acting in his own interest or on his own behalf, or participating in the results of the verbal action. The subject in the middle voice performs the action, so it’s reflexive in the sense that he performs the action to benefit himself, or back upon himself




The feature of the grammatical “mood” of a verb has to do with the statement’s relationship to reality.

The mood deals with the fact of whether the declared statement is actual or if there is only the possibility of its actual happening.

The indicative mood is the only mood conceived of as actual while with the other three moods (imperative, subjunctive, and optative) the action is only thought of as possible or potential.

We will not deal with the optative mood in this seminar, for its occurrences are relatively rare in the NT Greek.


Indicative Mood

The indicative mood is a statement of fact or an actual occurrence from the writer’s or speaker’s perspective.

Even if the writer is lying, he may state the action as if it is a fact, and thus the verb would be in the indicative mood.

it may be action occurring in past, present, or future time.

When used in the indicative mood, the present tense denotes action taking place or going on in the present time.


Imperative Mood

The imperative mood is a command or instruction given to the hearer, commanding the hearer to carry out or perform a certain action.


Subjunctive Mood

The subjunctive mood indicates probability or objective possibility. The action of the verb will possibly happen, depending on certain objective factors or circumstances, or on a person’s free will.

It is oftentimes used in conditional statements (i.e. ‘If…then…’ clauses) or in purpose clauses.

However if the subjunctive mood is used in a purpose or result clause, then the action should not be thought of as a possible result, but should be viewed as a definite outcome that will happen as a result of another stated action.

Every verb therefore has the three components of tense, voice and mood, affectionately termed, (T.V.M)





The term “case” refers to what is called substantives. These are nouns and pronouns and adjectives (including participles).

The cases categorize their association to other elements in the sentence.

Noun cases are formed by putting the ‘stem’ of the noun with an ‘ending’.

The case form is shown by the ending of the word.

There are five different case forms in Greek.

The five cases are Nominative, Genitive, Dative, Accusative and Vocative.


Nominative Case

A noun or pronoun that is the relationship of the subject of the sentence is always in the nominative case.


Genitive Case

The genitive is most often viewed as the case of possession.

In more technical terms one noun in the genitive case helps to qualify another noun by showing its “class” or “kind”.

The genitive case has more uses than most other cases, but in general a noun in the genitive case helps to limit the scope of another noun by indicating its “kind” or “class”.


Dative Case

The dative is the case of the indirect object, or may also indicate the means by which something is done, or the sphere or location of its origin.

It is used most often in one of three general classes: Indirect object, Instrument (means), or Location (in the sphere of.)

Most commonly it is used as the indirect object of a sentence.

It may also indicate the means by which something is done or accomplished; instrumental

Used as a dative of location, it can show the “place”, “time”, or “sphere” in which something may happen.


Accusative Case

This case is aptly described by its name.

It is the case the points the finger towards something, like one who has been accused. It defines the final objective, consummation or the goal of something.

The accusative case is the case of the direct object, receiving the action of the verb.

Like the other cases, the accusative has a wide variety of uses, but its main function is as the direct object of a transitive verb.

The direct object will most often be in the accusative case.


Vocative Case

The vocative is the case of direct address. It is used when one person is speaking to another, calling out or saying their name, or generally addressing them.



Supplement Two


Numbering system for Verb Tenses for the Online Bible Program including TVM (Tense, Voice, Mood). Please print for the seminar. I am not including the pluperfect tense. This is why some numbers are missing.


Aorist 5600 -5686


Future 5687- 5706


Imperfect 5707 -5713


Present 5719- 5753


Perfect 5754- 5772

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God Is The God of the Grassroots


I had opportunity to go to a night of worship at my church, Doral Vineyard, yesterday.

Apart from the remarkable time of two hours of worshiped led mostly by young people, these following were my observations.

The majority of those in attendance were young people. I am talking about the twenty-five and under group.

The minority of older people, whom I know, are all young in heart.

There is no doubt that God is working restoration and revival, in the young, and in the old, whose hearts are fresh and young towards Him.

The church can no longer neglect the sweeping movement of God with young people and simply assign them to their youth groups, isolating them from so-called “adults.” This latter is part of the old wine skins which God is disposing of.

Secondly, many who were in attendance last night, I have never met.

I discovered that these people attend different churches.

This is the same grassroots movement which we witness in NY.

God is gathering “on fire” people from different churches, who step out of their demarcated church walls for corporately worshiping and seeking the Lord and then the lost.

These people are not leaving their churches, but they are departing from the routines of their specified church lives to come together for God’s greater purposes. The days of this is my church, and this is your church, if it keeps the body isolated, are over.

This grassroots movement God is causing to pop up everywhere.

Those who have ears to hear, let them do so.

Finally, my wife Mary had an apostolic word of God’s strategy for South Florida.

One of the difficulties of evangelizing Miami Dade County is that she is “the city of high walls.”

God gave me this word 17 years ago. It has proven so true.

NYC is easier to evangelize than Miami.

Many New Yorkers do not drive and are forced to get to know each other over time, in the streets.

But Miamians live in their ac homes and ac cars.

You never see them on the streets, because of humidity and heat.

They go from townhouse, to car, to job, to Starbucks, to job, to car, and back to their townhouse.

Many come from South America, either fleeing oppression, or trying to make money.

If people are not in the streets, evangelizing becomes difficult.

This is the problem of Miami.

Once again I say, that NYC is easier to evangelize than Miami.

But my wife’s word is timely and strategic.

The Lord showed her a grid of lights all over South Florida. These grids represent grass root groups like the one we had yesterday. Folks from different churches who are coming together for the express purpose of loving the Lord and seeking His face.

Wherever these groups were coming together on the grid of S Florida, God was digging wells. There came a time when these wells overflowed.

In a flood, everything that is standing is washed away, and every high wall that people in Miami have built to protect themselves, will be washed away.

I find this to be one of the most important words of God’s strategy ever given to Florida, for it involves, not one man, or one church, but the body of Christ, which is precisely what God is doing, globally.

Let us catch God’s fast train into revival land, and not be left at the train stations of our isolated church ghetto routines.


More Than 100 Powerful Tweets To Begin Your Thursday

  • If you deny the existence of God, you deny yourself, for God speaks to all in the conscience.
  • How do I know that Jesus is real? Experience! If you believe about Him you will doubt. You need to experience Him for yourself .
  • There are 4 ways how Jesus speaks. Revelation, gut feeling, heart wishes and conscience.
  • It’s not about begging God to do something. When you get to the place or learn what God wants you to, He will open the door.
  • God works in mysteries to hide His treasures from people who hate Him but would love to have them for their own gain.
  • Jesus is the archetypes of God’s creation. When you have Jesus, you have perfection.
  • The natural or psychological Christian uses his mind rather than the voice of God.
  • If the voice of emotional pain is greater than the voice of the Holy Spirit the former will drown out the latter .
  • Heaven is the return to the default state of God’s creation before sin came.
  • Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn. ~Benjamin Franklin.
  • Always write down your ideas.
  • By far the greatest entrepreneur is Jesus Christ. A life lived for Him, is cutting edge, and out of the box.
  • Success is proportional to our executing the will of God, in Christ Jesus.
  • So much about faith in Jesus is a matter of wishing.
  • To be free we need big daily dosages of the Word of God IVd into our mind to renew it. There are no shortcuts!
  • Selena is the Greek word for moon. Such a beautiful name, yet this is where lunatic comes from in the NT.
  • America is full of people who say we need to do this but where the ones who will go and do what is needed?
  • Doing the hardest thing first, bright and early the morning, pays off.
  • Our mouths confess the Word of God. Because Christ is hidden and locked in you. The expression of who He is with our mouths lets Him out.
  • How can the NT be a lie? It teaches how to create a superhuman humanity through you here and now. Liars cannot write about this and succeed.
  • A book gets to the top by great marketing and stays at the top because it’s written greatly. Amy Andrews.
  • Apathy and passivity is keeping Christ locked up inside of you, when God wants to you to express and release Him at all costs into the world.
  • We have the mind of Christ? How does He think? Limitless and without impossibilities! Are we thinking how He does? Should we? G Cooke.
  • The Christian must get that superhuman person, Christ, out of him, at all costs. Express, express Christ out of you for the world to see.
  • With God, why and when questions are not that great. Better to ask Him, how and what.
    The Christian has this amazing, supernatural, transcendental person in him, Christ. Explode and release him out at all costs, G Cooke.
  • The renewing of the mind is a brainwashing by the Word. You can’t do this by grace only without the Word.
  • Intuition is immediate apprehension of knowledge versus knowledge which is progressively learned. The girls dress is red. This is God’s voice .
  • What is intuition? This is the key to how God speaks. It’s a direct perception of truth independent of any reasoning process.
  • Ministry is initiated by faith without understanding. It only requires intuition of what the Spirit is doing.
  • I don’t watch the Oscars, but a criticism of Matthew Mcconaughey calling him Joel Osteen is quite complimentary. It must have been powerful.
  • Most college prerequisites have profited me zilch. Young people be smart. What will you learn today that you use for the rest of your life?
  • God speaks in our gut by intuition.  If we don’t recognize His voice, well miss His extravagance and lavishness.
  • Schools should revamp to be hands on with entrepreneurial skills. Time and money are wasted through years of prerequisites.
  • A quick decision usually denotes an alert mind.
  • In prayer you learn to hear God’s voice by becoming acquainted with the movements of the Holy Spirit inside of you.
  • God works in mysteries to hide His treasures from people who hate Him but would love to have them for their own gain.
  • It’s not about begging God to do something. When you get to the spiritual place or learn what God wants you to, He will open the door.
  • Lying is a terrible. But lying to yourself by doing things which are not who you are, but who you were, is worse. I know because I am guilty.
  • The most radically global entrepreneurial idea is the full emergence of the new human, Christ Jesus, through a person.
  • I was pleasantly surprised that even Piers Morgan has great things to say about Son of God? A religious awakening?
  • How do I know that Jesus is real? Experience! If you believe about Him you will doubt. You need to experience Him for yourself.
  • Everybody has a conscience regardless of belief. Whoever denies the existence of God, denies himself, for God speaks to all in the conscience.
  • God will create the most for us in the visible when we focus the most on His invisible.
    A ministry situation is initiated by faith with intuitive knowledge of the Spirits wishes and not understanding of why He wishes it.
  • God will always give you sufficient proof in the Spirit for you to step out and obey.
  • The Spirit works in us by His voice, and we work it out into the world through obedience.
    Jesus never did or spoke anything, which originated from Himself. All originated from the Father and was revealed through the Holy Spirit.
  • For us to know by intuition, what the Father speaks in us without understanding it, is what we need to speak prophetically.
  • God never ceases working in me and I work externally using the same procedures which I see Him intuitively working.
  • A glance in the Spirit to see what the Father does, gives us enough intuition for us to step out in faith and do what we see.
  • There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all Peter Drucker .
  • If John Kennedy was a Christian: And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your church can do for you ask what you can do for your church.
  • The blessed God is translated the happy God. God is happy. Are you happy?
  • Obeying God by the flesh rather than the Spirit brings an accurate knowledge of your sin as you will fail.
  • Jesus is the One Being Loved. If He is in you, you are the one being loved.
  • The cross is Gods device for the revelation of Christ and all of His treasures inside of you.
  • I’ve changed my focus from 650 politicians to 300 million fellow Americans.  These are the seeds of revival!
  • I don’t trust a man who does not walk with a limp.  John Wimber.
  • To live, and think like Jesus is the most important thing. No man has ever come close to His entrepreneurial abilities!
  • The Word of God is a medicine which must be taken in huge daily amounts if the schizophrenia of our soul is to be cured.
  • The ministry of the Spirit abounds in permanent glory while that of the flesh in temporary.
  • Activities done outside of the voice of God will manifest the blessings and the glory of God temporarily.
  • Through the bath of a new genesis or birth, re-production, or re-creation, is what the Holy Spirit does.
  • There, where the Spirit is, and only in His domain, and exclusive of any other domain, is there liberty.
  • Adorned is cosmetics. The Spirit has prepared, cosmeticized and beautified all things.
  • Main priority must be to do all things in accordance with the wishes of the Holy Spirit; NO MORE and NO LESS!!
  • Spiritual work flows with the current of the Holy Spirit without constraint and strength of the flesh.
  • For all things I become inwardly strong in the one who constantly funnels His dynamite power into me.
  • Those who say that the Holy Spirit or His gifts are not for today commit spiritual suicide.
  • The Holy Spirit not only gives the content of our speech, but the expressions and utterances used to manifest it.
  • Victory and liberty is found in proportion to how much the Spirit can control and take over our every action.
  • The world of the Spirit it’s impossible to carry out the flesh for the Spirit is against it. It’s a place of freedom.
  • To overcome the devil you ignore His lies. Focusing on his lies gives him power to continue lying to you.
  • The cross is God’s device for the revelation of Christ. If we don’t preach the cross, Christ will not be revealed.
  • Seeing ourselves as God does, then believing it, becomes our reality. It automatic because faith is a law.
  • An older generation filled with the Holy Spirit has something no one else has: experience with God. Irreplaceable.
  • Waiting on the Lord is as a waiter waiting on people. It’s not passive, its proactive. Make things happen by prayer.
  • I’m a container of mercy into which God wants to pour the riches of His glory. It solely comes by the Spirit as I dwell, sit, and receive.
  • The road to success is paved with the freedom to fail. If that freedom is not there you’ll get stuck in a box of fear and go nowhere.
  • God’s mercy is greatest when I do things according to His truth, not because God feels sorry for me when I’m in error.
  • Tithing is basic minimum faith. R McMillan.
  • Hope is living.  It survived death, burial, and resurrection R McMillan.
  • God is not normal He is supernatural. Robin McMillan.
  • Fifteen minutes of hearing God’s voice will hugely affect the other 23 hours and 45 minutes of your day.
  • Having a good father means that you inherit. An inheritor receives. The greatest Christian is the one who knows how to greatly receive.
  • The only begotten of the Father is the only generated of the father. To be generated into the new you must know God as Father.
  • Every time I have spent time with God in prayer my hope has been restored.
  • Have you smelled fresh plywood? This is the new work that God wants to build in you when the old you is finally gone.
  • The end of holiness is raw contact with the Spirit of God!
  • Pharaoh saw many miracles. Had many chances to repent. Then he drowns in the Red Sea. Are you a pharaoh?  Beware!
  • Dream big with God. Invest big in His kingdom. When you know it’s Him put all your cards on the table and go all the way, risking it all.
  • Still a proven fact that the New American Standard is the most accurate version to the original languages.
  • The greatest entrepreneur and all of us have the same thing in common, time. Is what he does and what we do with it that separates us?
  • Gen 32:26  And he said, I will not let thee go, except thou bless me.  Is this your level of prayer?
  • Mt 13:58  And he did not many mighty works there because of their unbelief. Unbelief carries a power of its own. Do we want that power?
  • Faith is not belief. It is seeing the presence of the invisible. The presence of the invisible must be more than the visible.
  • I read this yesterday. Stop consuming others creations and become a creator. The God inside you is The Creator!
  • In Nicaragua I was blessed to have models of superior kingdom givers. Their ministries are hyper dynamically expanding on all levels & sides.
  • In Nicaragua I met productive people completing the first event by 10 am and the second by 2pm, and then on to the third and even a fourth.
  • This is not a criticism of the USA, but Nicaragua feels freer in many ways than my country. This must be a wakeup call to the church.
  • God paints a daily sunset on a heavenly canvas, and when the old man is gone He will paint a brand new picture and create a new life on you.
  • An abundant crop comes from excellent soil and great fertilizer. Have you asked Jesus to show you what soil is in you?
  • Each tree brings forth fruit answering to its condition. What is your condition?
  • Be a highly productive person by the Spirit of God. As Steve Jobs said, make a dent in the universe, but I add, make it for Jesus.
  • Matt 16:19  And I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, Keys are for opening and accessing. What access has Jesus given you?
  • Quit feeling sorry for yourself because of the devils warfare and get brainwashed by the Word of God. Then he flees.
  • I am not here to get followers or likes, but as Steve Jobs said, to make a dent on the universe, and that for Jesus.
  • The warfare is not going to get easier. So get in tune with the identity of Christ Jesus, the only victory on planet earth.
  • The coefficient which exponentially increases the power of God is sheer confidence in His voice.
  • It’s not a one man show. It’s about the body of Christ.
  • The loss of all fear of man in Christ is the playground for great men and women of God.
  • When the old man come off so will offenses. There is no way to put off the old man but retain unforgiveness. Incompatible with the new.
  • When i got on my knees to pray God said, “get out of my way!”
  • Then will He (Jesus) sit upon His glorious throne. Have you taken your seat with Christ on His throne? The hardest but most essential thing!
  • The greatest reason why people don’t want Jesus is because He has been misrepresented
    Jesus is not just the life but the life animation.  Paul says that in Jesus we move or have our kinetic energy.
  • The greatest sin is managing your life without God.
  • Deal with the root and not the fruit of sin.
  • The greatest hindrance to follow Jesus is love of your self-life.
  • Faith in Jesus is hyper transcendental and is only limited by the unrenewed mind. So is His power.
  • If you have Jesus, whose blood flows thru your veins and what can it do for you? Can you receive this?
  • Forgiveness is the sending away of something that destroys you.
  • Holy Spirit ministry is not about a few. Our heart is to train. Contact us!
  • Would it be wrong to say that Jesus Christ is addicted to loving people?
  • Faith in Jesus is a most potent force. When you know that faith works as sure as the sun will rise, the sky is the limit.
  • Relax, enjoy Jesus and stay behind the Holy Spirit.
  • No joy, no Jesus.
  • Religion is trying to force people to act in an identity which they don’t have.
  • 15 mns of prayer with faith will do more than a month of prayer with doubt.
  • God is more interested in making you something than having you do something. Ministry is God coming out of you.
  • Everything has to do with the experiential reality of the Person of Jesus. This is what is lacking today.
  • The only thing that pleases God is what He can do Himself.
  • Since we are dust of the ground, thru God’s eyes, anything in our lives can be blown away and recreated.
  • The hardest thing to realize is that who I am in Christ has zero connection with who I was.
  • The Greek word for transformation in Christ is sandwiched between two words for repentance.  Yet repentance is a bad word.
  • I do an ideas dump every morning. What I get I write on paper. Some I take to prayer.
  • Seeing is the root of existence. See thru your eyes is limited. See thru God’s eyes, everything becomes possible. God has no limits.
  • Churches that keep rigid systems are in danger of dinosaur extinction. We’re in a social revolution. Relationships are fluid not systematic.
  • Many times to get results in the things that we so desperately want from God, we must rise to the point of holy desperation.
  • We must get away from rigid systems in the church because we are in a social revolution where people want relationships and not performance.
  • I just saw a good feel clean movie on Netflix, The Citizen. I am one to recommend publicly very little. No F Bombs or sex in my recommends.
  • Some of the best investments are young people who are doing something with their lives.
    Simple, specific to the point prayer with full confidence of a complete answer on the same day is the kingdom.
  • Kingdom entrepreneurs need daily time to think and create God’s big ideas. 2014 is the year of kingdom entrepreneurs.
  • So your minds may be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ. 2Cor11:3.People like simple things. The culture likes simplicity.”
  • We think that for the church to be relevant we have to water down the gospel. Just the opposite, we have to make Jesus bigger!
  • The church is in dire need of kingdom entrepreneurs who will disrupt the culture with God’s big ideas.
  • Seasons become famine if you get stuck in them.  Denvil Lee.
  • Faith is what makes the invisible kingdom of God to become visible.
  • Faith is prophetic. If you could muster up faith you would not need Jesus. Denvil Lee.
  • The freedom which Jesus brings is to set you free from your shadow. A shadow of self-love or who you were inhibits liberty in Christ.
  • Interesting how you market today without money. People are interested in content, authenticity and relationships. It’s a revival ready world.
  • People go after things that work. Jesus Christ has worked for 35 years, and His manual, the Bible, has been perfect in teaching me how.
  • Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience. ~Howard Zinn.
  • If someone is giving you stale bread give it to the ducks, they eat anything.  Jade Galasso.
  • The great work in you is to unbecome who you were so that Jesus can become who He is.
  • Studying the life of successful entrepreneurs. They are not in it for the money but to solve a problem that no one else has.
  • Anyone who comes to Miami from the north could you bring us some white snow, ours is green.
  • The Word of God is a medicine which must be taken in huge daily amounts if the schizophrenia of our soul is to be cured.
  • Stop being a victim of circumstances and become a problem solver. This is what humanity seeks.
  • Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. ~Leonardo da Vinci.
  • Great leaders are great risk takers. The greatest risk taker was God who risked His only begotten son for humanity’s eternal salvation.
  • To live, and think like Jesus is the most important thing on planet earth. No man has ever come close to His entrepreneurial abilities!
  • The greatest entrepreneur in history is Jesus. His ideas went beyond Steve Jobs. He brought new electronics, but Jesus, a new human race.

This video describes our upcoming trip to New York and our  work of revival in America. If you feel led to donate you can do so by clicking on the red and blue button following the video. Many thanks, Jose


How Do You Get Rid of a Demon?

I wrote this several years back!

I will describe one of my biggest battles in dying to my old life and having the Christ take full control.

Until today, I was still one of those children of the onion. Let me explain.

Today one huge stronghold of my control over that of Christ’s fell today.

Any area where our lives are not under the loving control of Christ is an area where the demonic will have its spidery legs wrapped around our soul, health, wealth, and body.

I call it spidery, because God has revealed demons as spiders. Spiders do not have to move much. They are simply there. They suck the life out of you. They roost on top of the sin which you love. They slowly destroy you from this beach head of sin. From there, they weave their spidery webs in the recesses of your soul.  Their long legs wrap themselves into the subconscious areas, and by them, create fortresses of hostility towards God, all in your mind.

The work of demons is obscure. Demons are onion lovers. They hide in onions.  These onions are their cocoons. These types of onions are sins. As the layers of sin peel off, as that of an onion, the demon spider is finally exposed, and Christ expels it out from your life. At the core of every onion called sin, there is always a demon. He is the last one to come out, and only when you have pealed the onion, with the knife of repentance. You can never get to the demon, until you get to the sin. You can never get to the sin as long as you love it.  As long as the onion is there, the demon is right in there, too. The only knife that works is that of repentance.

Demons make you feel that you are the one with the problem.  You are the one who is sick. You are the one who is anxious. When in fact it’s his attack from the outside. He will wound you by means of the spidery legs which work from the shadowy cocoon of sin’s onion.

This well hid spider deceives you.  Its deceptions create a false identity which you embrace.  The identity could be to become famous, or rich, take up a cause, or extol your personal rights, or worse still, to disobey God.

It could be a need to stay sick, in self-pity, to be a martyr, a victim, one who is offended, depressed or unable to forgive.  These breed negative attention. Others attend to you because you are a victim, a martyr, or someone who is ill.

This identity becomes a fortress, a citadel in your mind. You live and die for it. I was still holding to a false identity. Worse still, I was wishing for this identity, and asking God to make me into the person who owned it. This false person had become me. We call this a pseudo fantasy, a false imagination. We idolize our imaginations and fantasies and what we create in them.

The only real identity is Christ in me. Every other identity must die. Every other identity bows its knee to Christ.  Demons only respect Christ. They don’t respect me, or my false fantasies. They don’t respect any other identity, except the one which Christ has, and which is Christ.

So as long as you love any sin, remember that it is an onion, which has a demon at its core and which is still preying on you.  You are still the children of the onion.

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