The Parking Spot

This is the coveted parking space at a Publix in Miami.

It’s closest to the store so it’s not empty for more than 15 seconds.

It’s so desired that in 10 minutes one day I observed separate irate customers get out from their cars and challenge another customer who had taken it.

One lady ran out from her van to tell another woman, “Did you not see that my friend had been waiting to get this spot?”

So I was fortunate enough to find it empty and take it.

I now avoid it like the plague!

# 1 The proximity of the spot to the store provides a ceaseless bombardment of people coming out from it who walk right behind my van, shopping carts and all.

# 2 The same proximity affords a ceaseless bombardment of cars which turn right at the spot trying to get it or another close by.

# 3 South Floridians are weatherized in 24/7 AC which cannot be healthy to a human body. Why not afford a few minutes per week of natural air that you skin can breathe?

#4 Of the 38 lbs. which I’ve lost one of them is the extra three minutes of walking to the store per year, by parking farther. Just think of the weight you can lose?

 # 5 The three minutes of additional walking is lost in the five minutes of added time in getting out of the spot combined with the potential for a heart attack as extreme stress and anger develops as I am blocked by a continual flow of cars and people.

# 6 What about preferring your neighbor sometimes over yourself?



Making Sense of the World!

There are 140 United Nation leaders.
There are 435 members in the House of Representatives
There are 100 Senators
The White House has a staff of 468.
That’s about 1200 politicians.
There are thirty or so major news outlets.
More than ever I will allow the 30 news outlets to dedicate themselves to these 1200 people.

I will dedicate myself to the remaining 7,284,998,000 people in the world.

Hay 140 líderes en las Naciones Unidas.
Hay 435 miembros en la Cámara de Representantes
Hay 100 senadores
La Casa Blanca tiene un personal de 468.
Eso es alrededor de 1200 políticos.
Hay unas treinta principales agencias de noticias.
Más que nunca voy a permitir que las 30 agencias de noticias se dedican a estas 1,200 personas.
Me dedicaré a los restantes 7,284,998,000 personas en el mundo .

The World

King Solomon Loves Google Trends

Folks say that with the rise of millennialism, fluidity of social media, and the shifting priorities of college graduates,  things are very different now than when I grew up in the 70’s.
Time in and time out Google Trends proves this wrong.
What trends now and what trended then, is the same.
Number one is sports, number two, Hollywood, and number three and four, media news, and technology.
One of history’s wisest men and a trillionaire by today’s standards, King Solomon of the Bible, would say that Google Trends proves him right.
There is nothing new under the sun and man’s and great responsibility to fear, worship and serve Almighty God, is his recommendation.
Solomon was no push over. He makes Donald Trump, Steve Jobs and Elon Musk look like school kids.
He had hundreds if not thousands of wives, made gold as common as plastic, and could have been the greatest entrepreneur of all times.

Let’s listen to the good king.

Ec 1:9 That which has been, is that which is to be, and that which has been done, is that which will be done, and there is no new thing under the sun.
Ec 1:14  I have seen all the works which are done under the sun; all is to no purpose, and desire for wind.
Ec 2:11  Then I saw all the works which my hands had made, and everything I had been working to do; and I saw that all was to no purpose and desire for wind, and there was no profit under the sun.
Ec 3:16   And again, I saw under the sun, in the place of the judges, that evil was there; and in the place of righteousness, that evil was there.
Ec 4:1   And again I saw all the cruel things which are done under the sun; there was the weeping of those who have evil done to them, and they had no comforter: and from the hands of the evil-doers there went out power, but they had no comforter.
Ec 5:13  There is a great evil which I have seen under the sun—wealth kept by the owner to be his downfall.
Ec 5:18  This is what I have seen: it is good and fair for a man to take meat and drink and to have joy in all his work under the sun, all the days of his life which God has given him; that is his reward.
Ec 8:9   All this have I seen, and have given my heart to all the work which is done under the sun: there is a time when man has power over man for his destruction.
Ec 8:15  So I gave praise to joy, because there is nothing better for a man to do under the sun than to take meat and drink and be happy; for that will be with him in his work all the days of his life which God gives him under the sun.
Ec 9:9  Have joy with the woman of your love all the days of your foolish life which he gives you under the sun. Because that is your part in life and in your work which you do under the sun.
And what did he did determine?
Ec 12:13  Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God and keep His commandments, for this is the whole duty of man.

King Solomon is right and Google Trends proves him so this Sunday!

NFL Teams–report-says-160842639.html


Winter Solstice


Dallas Cowboys

Legend of Korra

Kate Upton

Night at the Museum Three

Benji Madden


Fifty Spiritual Tweets That Will Change Your Life

  1. If the voice of emotional pain is greater than the voice of the Holy Spirit the former will drown out the latter.
  2. In prayer you learn to hear God’s voice by becoming acquainted with the movements of the Holy Spirit inside of you.
  3. God works in mysteries to hide His treasures from people who hate Him but would love to have them for their own gain.
  4. It’s not about begging God to do something. When you get to the spiritual place or learn what God wants you to, He will open the door.
  5. Lying is a terrible. But lying to yourself by doing things which are not who you are, but who you were, is worse. I know because I’m guilty.
  6. There are 4 ways how Jesus speaks. Revelation, gut feeling, heart’s wishes and conscience. On my upcoming book!
  7. The most radically global entrepreneurial idea is the full emergence of the new human, Christ Jesus, through a person.
  8. I was pleasantly surprised that even Piers Morgan has great things to say about Son of God!  A religious awakening?
  9. The difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say “no” to almost everything.― W Buffett
  10. How do I know that Jesus is real? Experience! If you believe about Him you will doubt. You need to experience Him for yourself.
  11. Everybody has a conscience regardless of belief. Whoever denies the existence of God, denies himself, for God speaks to all in the conscience.
  12. Spiritual work often flows with the current of the Holy Spirit without any constraint and without the strength of the flesh” Watchman Nee.
  13. God will create the most for us in the visible when we focus the most on His invisible.
  14. A ministry situation is initiated by faith with intuitive knowledge of the Spirit’s wishes and not understanding of why He wishes it.
  15. God will always give you sufficient proof in the Spirit for you to step out and obey
  16. The Spirit works in us by His voice, and we work it out into the world through obedience.
  17. Jesus never did or spoke anything, which originated from Himself. All originated from the Father and was revealed through the Holy Spirit.
  18. For us to know by intuition, what the Father speaks in us without understanding it, is what we need to speak prophetically.
  19. God never ceases working in me and I work externally using the same procedures which I see Him intuitively working
  20. A glance in the Spirit to see what the Father does, gives us enough intuition for us to step out in faith and do what we see.
  21. “There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.” Peter Drucker
  22. If John Kennedy was a Christian: And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your church can do for you — ask what you can do for your church.
  23. The blessed God is translated the happy God. God is happy. Are you happy?
  24. Obeying God by the flesh rather than the Spirit brings an accurate knowledge of your sin as you’ll fail.
  25. History will be kind to me because I intend to write it  Winston Churchill
  26. The cross is God’s device for the revelation of Christ and all of His treasures inside of you.
  27. Jesus is the One Being Loved. If He is in you, you are the one being loved.
  28. After experiencing the good things around me, my f intimate love relationship with the Lord Jesus exceeds them all
  29. I don’t trust a man who does not walk with a limp. John Wimber
  30. To live, and think like Jesus is the most important thing. No man has ever come close to His entrepreneurial abilities!
  31. The Word of God is a medicine which must be taken in huge daily amounts if the schizophrenia of our soul is to be cured
  32. Activities done outside of the voice of God will manifest the blessings and the glory of God temporarily
  33. There, where the Spirit is, and only in His domain, and exclusive of any other domain, is there liberty.
  34. What does evolution teach? It’s easier to believe that a Higher Power with Creative intelligence created us and not Darwinism.
  35. It takes more faith to believe that came from a monkey than to believe that a Higher Power created me.
  36. Main priority must be to do all things in accordance with the wishes of the Holy Spirit; NO MORE and NO LESS!!
  37. The Holy Spirit not only gives the content of our speech, but the expressions and utterances used to manifest it.
  38. If you have Jesus you are container into which all that God owns He funnels into you
  39. To overcome the devil you ignore His lies. Focusing on his lies gives him power to continue lying to you
  40. Seeing ourselves as God does, then believing it becomes our reality. It automatic because faith is a law
  41. An older generation filled with the Holy Spirit has something no one else has: experience with God. Irreplaceable
  42. Waiting on the Lord is as a waiter waiting on people. It’s not passive, its proactive. Make things happen by prayer
  43. I’m a container of mercy into which God wants to pour the riches of His glory. It solely comes by the Spirit as I dwell, sit, and receive.
  44. We are always asking God for things. God in turn wants to reveal His Son to us who CONTAINS ALL THINGS!
  45. Fifteen minutes of hearing God’s voice will hugely affect the other 23 hours and 45 minutes of your day.
  46. The only begotten of the Father is the only generated of the father. To be generated into the new you must know God as Father.
  47. Pharaoh saw many miracles. Had many chances to repent. Then he drowns in the Red Sea. Are you a pharaoh? Beware!
  48. Dream big with God. Invest big in His kingdom. When you know it’s Him put all your cards on the table and go all the way, risking it all.
  49. The greatest entrepreneur and all of us have the same thing in common, time. Is what he does and what we do with it that separates us.
  50. Faith is not belief. It is seeing the presence of the invisible. The presence of the invisible must be more than the visible.

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What Are Young People Teaching Me?

Our church, has been blessed to go to Florida International University (FIU) on numerous occasions with a homemade meal and hang out with some of the great kids who attend.

I remember my university days, and that eating an occasional homemade meal was worth than gold.

The folks at the Wesley House Campus Ministry make our visits possible.

Part of what Wesley does, is to give students opportunity to know each other and discuss matters about God informally over a good meal.

I’ve met kids from Nepal, India, China, the Caribbean and South America.

I was a bit tentative when I went to FIU.

Since 2004 I have been heavily involved with the church. Doing mission trips to, and later moving to East Africa, our emphasis was on the church.

Now back in the USA as a pastor, my focus has continued to be with the church.

I had lost contact with the unchurched world.

The unchurched world of the 90’s is different to the unchurched world of the 2000’s.

The American 90’s were a time of prosperity. There was little need for God.

America was resistant to the gospel.

People were busy making money and segregated along political and social fronts.

With the launch of social media the world has become a huge amalgamated melting pot of people who have a great wish to reconnect by socializing.

It’s quite a phenomena which cannot be neglected.

The ghettoized lines between, liberals and conservatives, gays and straights, and atheists, Christians, and Muslims are being erased.

The self-sufficiency of the last decade is being exchanged by the realization that the guarantee of jobs after college, or a booming capitalist economy are gone.

The integrity of the USA political system is at its lowest ebb.

Leaders with godly convictions, are an endangered species.

Activist judges abound, who issue verdicts along political lines and not righteous integrity.

The churches’ prosperity teachers, which sadly turned off many, are now the rare birds.

The unchurched are no longer going to church to hear another religious message or an appeal for money.

The America of today, is much more assimilated along social lines.

Our nation is unknowingly coming back to God’s design for people.

I don’t see the hunger for God that I see in Africa.

I do see a fresh hunger for authenticity, relationships, a need to be heard and accepted.

I see a world that is hungry for fathers and mothers.

The new generations are shunning divisions and labels.

They are also shunning church for the sake of going to another meeting.

People are looking for authenticity, reality and genuine relationships.

The media tells me that Christianity is dying in the USA, but they are wrong.

Never did I meet disparagement or scorn when talking about God at FIU.

Nor did I see walls come up with my remarks about God.

Most young people do not wish to be politically correct.

They are looking to intelligent discussions and relationships as they carve out their destinies.

For us who profess Christ, we must step out of our Christian ghettos and into a world that is seeking authenticity, belonging, and genuine relationships.

As a Christian, I do not compromise my beliefs, and I express them boldly, but in love.

I don’t think that those around me want me to relinquish, politicize or sweeten them.

People are attracted to those who are willing to pay the high price to stand by their convictions.

I went to these luncheons with a 90’s mindset to be pleasantly surprised.

The independence and arrogance of the last decade have been replaced by the authenticity for honest relationships of this one.

I say to the church in closing, “reach out, step out, do the uncomfortable, be interactive, be real, and love those outside the church.’

People are people who want to know Christians as people before they know them as Christians.

I believe that you will be pleasantly surprised like me.


Guess where I am? At an FIU luncheon with some great kids!

Im Announcing My First eBook!

I am excited to announce my first eBook!

Jesus Christ has spoken to me about writing short and simple books on the “How To’s” of the Adventurous Christian Living”

I pray to have it out by May.

“The Ten Steps of How to Live in The Holy Spirit?”

  1. What Does it Mean to Live in the Holy Spirit?
  2. What is a Spiritual Versus a Soulish Person?
  3. Why Is the Revelation of Christ the Most Important Thing?
  4. How Do I Reveal Christ?
  5. What is the Baptism of the Holy Spirit?
  6. How Do I Credit  God’s Inheritance By Faith?
  7. How Does God Speak to Me?
  8. What is the Rhema Word?
  9. What Is the Logos Word?
  10. Why Is The Renewing of the Mind So Important?

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What Cynthia Nixon From Sex In The City Taught Me!

My oldest daughter Lexy was a theater major in New York City.

Lexy was a stage manager with aspirations to work on Broadway.

On the ladder up to this prestigious bunch, Lexy gets her hands wet with what are labeled “ Off Off Broadway” and “Off Broadway” plays.

Several years back I traveled to the Big Apple, to visit Lexy and watch Shakespeare’s, “Twelfth Night”, which she worked with.

These people did a great job with the production, though I am not a Shakespeare fan.

Most of the seats were filled; I was in the back row. We were about twenty minutes into the play when a family walked in. I caught a glimpse of them from the corner of my eye.  The lady was gawking and staring into the pitch darkness for free seats. The only ones were next to me.

I did the neighborly thing. I stretched out my hand towards them, beckoning and pointing them to the ones next to me. This red-head caught sight of my waaving hand thanked me and proceeded to sit with her small children, her son squarely on her lap.

I found it weird when several people turned around, ogling and muttering something at her about meeting at a party.

During the rest of the play this lady lovingly and patiently explained to the son on her lap what was going and even sang along to the music.

I was struck by her gentle spirit.

The lights went up for intermission. My daughter ran up to me, eyes bulging like fried eggs.

“Do you know who this person sitting next to you is?” she laughed.

“No”, I said.

“It’s Cynthia Nixon from Sex in the City”.

I am not a TV watcher.

I replied back to Lexy, “Who’s is Cynthia Nixon and what is Sex in the City?”

At the end of the play Cynthia Nixon gave me her colored program. Everyone else had gotten one in black and white.

She went on to stay, talk to the crew and sign autographs.

For me, she and her family were just people whom God had called me to love and be friendly to. The Bible tells us to reach out to strangers and be hospitable to them.

This is one day that I was glad that I am not a TV watcher.

Cynthia Nixon and her family were simply folks in need of seats.