The Great Apostasy And Abortion

I came to Jesus in 1979.

I was more screwed up at twenty five, than many twenty five year old agers of today.

For two years after my salvation event, I did not know Christians.

I had no pastor or priest to counsel me.

I did not have a cell phone, a computer, or Face Book.

God was setting me free from pornography, drugs, drinking, smoking, deep rejections and insecurities.

I had been a severe stutterer from the age of four.

I was a university drop out in my junior year.

My church was Christian radio and TV.

My parents were getting divorced and my worldly friends, now finding me odd, were departing from me.

I only had a Living Bible to read, and my knees to pray on while leaning on a couch  which had been converted to a bed.

I did not go through rehab and did not know Christian therapists to counsel me.

I became free by the Word of God and His presence in prayer.

I finally met up with Christians in 1981 and began attending a small church.

The pro-life movement was picking up steam.

I understood little about abortion, thinking that the baby was a blob in the womb.

I was shown a film entitled “The Silent Scream” which depicts an ultra sound of a baby being aborted.

At the moment that the abortionist’s forceps touches the little infant, his mouth gapes open in a blood curdling but silent scream.

The film changed my life. I knew then that abortion was murder, that it was wrong, that I must oppose it, and never vote for any politician who supported it.

I mean, I just knew it!

Did anyone teach me this? No!

Did I have tons of Face Book posts and graphic pictures of bloodied and mangled babies to inculcate me? No!

It was just me, the Word of God, and the voice of the Holy Spirit.

Here was 28 year old guy, majorly screwed up, insecure as hell, a severe stutterer,  blatantly knowing that abortion was murder, and that not even the woman who carried the baby had the right to extinguish his or her life.

Now a bit older and wiser, I find myself delving in our technologically educated, amazingly informed, and ultra-connected society.

I see many young Christians like I was,  with an abundance of Biblical resources at their disposal, pastors who communicate with them through email and social sites, who support this heinous practice and vote for politicians who radically support it.

I cry to heaven burdened, “God what is happening?”

What was so obvious to me at 28 without all this internet stuff to indoctrinate me, is not obvious to many of today.

Is it that Christian of today, does not know how to recognize the Holy Spirit’s voice?

Does he not spend time with the Lord, but simply relies on Bible apps to teach them?

Or is it that to walk by the Spirit, which is the most essential of things, is no longer imperative?

Does he not embrace the value of freedom and deliverance?

Are social and political issues placed above the Word of God?

When an issue is idolized in the name of a right, above God’s Word, it becomes deception.

2Thess 2:3   Let no man deceive you by any means, for that Day shall not come, unless there comes a falling away (apostasia) first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition,

Apostasy come from two Greek words defined as “away from the standing”.

Better said, it means to be displaced or removed from a standing or stance where someone was originally at.

I see Christians removing themselves from the convictions of the Holy Spirit’s voice, and the dictates of God’s Word as the map to their lives, to compromise with a social issue.

This my friends cannot be.  This is deception, and we will pay for it.

Are we nearing the Great Apostasy or falling away of Christians?

I just wonder if current generations of Christians will stay true to the voice of the Spirit, and the dictates of the Word, or will these things become ancillary?

Oh how I wish that I am wrong!

The issue of professing Christians supporting abortion as a woman’s right and voting for political candidates who do so, is something that I  cannot wrap my head around.

Abortion is diametrically opposed to the God who gives life, and sent His Son who is the author of life, to give us life abundant.

Any person, who professes Christ and supports abortion must seek the Lord to find where unhealed wounds of the soul have formed a callousness in their hearts  to a baby’s right to be born.

Christian who supports abortion and vote for candidate who do so, have an issue with hardness of heart caused by a past hurt.

God loves you, He does not condemn you.

You,  however, must come to recognize that something is not right with your way of thinking.

Whoever you are, God loves too much for you to stay in this place.

You must pray and ask God to show you why you believe the way you do.

I guarantee that there is past wound that has produced an area of callousness of heart.

A callous in the palm of your hand does not allow you to feel pain.

A callous in your heart does not allow you to be tender, merciful and compassionate the frail life of the tiny unborn.

Seek the Lord, while He might be found. Ask Him to heal you.

Many blessings on this church Sunday.