“Joe, You are Killing Me!”

The black and white picture was taken about twenty years ago.

My late mother Pinky Alonso and my late stepfather, Manolo Alonso are shown enjoying the company of two of my daughters, Hannah and Lexy.

Manolo was a wonderful man.

He lived almost to be ninety and had the heart of a teenager.

His favorite expression when addressing me was, “Joe, you are killing me!”

Manolo had a prolific import and export company in Miami called, “Alonso Shipping.”

I remember unmistakably that by far his biggest client was Venezuela.

There was big money coming in and big business going out.

Though I have never been there, I knew Venezuela to be a country of wealth, democracy, glamor, lots of oil, and a great neighbor to the USA.

I am still in utter incredulity that in less than twenty years, this beautiful nation has evolved into a terror nest for oppressive communism.

Its infrastructure has been so destroyed that it’s a skeleton of what it was when Manolo engaged in business.

How can this happen in such a short time to such a great and wealthy nation?

I am not going to speculate.

One thing is certain, if it happened there, it can happen in the USA.

We who know Jesus Christ must be quick to share the Good News and actively labor in the work of revival.

We must pray and fast for our nation.

We must be eternally vigilant.

The horrible price of suffering that Venezuelans are now paying is indescribable.

I surely don’t want to pay that price, if there is a way to prevent it!

One Venezuelan commented to me. “I don’t understand why Americans with so many freedoms and rights want big government?

It’s an antithesis to our lifestyle.

I will do my part to prevent it.

I fled from a Venezuela named Cuba.

What about you? What will you do to protect the USA?

If Manolo could turn in his grave and see the Venezuela which he left behind, he would say “Joe, you are killing me!”


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