Bringing Acts Back To Life

This miracle occurred in a Bible conference in Maasai land, in Masimba, Kenya, eight year ago

I was deep in the African brush, in a cow dung hut, without electricity, toilet or running water.

It had been raining nonstop.

The fields were caked in ankle deep mud.

When I woke, the pastor was huddled with a man over a tiny wooden table.

They were sipping coffee in freshly milked, milk.

The man had walked miles in the mud to the pastor’s home.

His baby sister was dying.

He desired the pastor to pray for her.

The Lord spoke to me with the same words that he had to the Apostle Paul in Acts 19.

Acts 19:11 And God wrought special miracles by the hands of Paul:

12 So that from his body were brought unto the sick handkerchiefs or aprons, and the diseases departed from them, and the evil spirits went out of them.

We got a handkerchief, anointed it with oil, prayed, and gave it to the pastor who proceeded out the door.

That night  the church, I found out about the miracle .

When the pastor got to the child’s home, her eyes were closed and she scarcely breathing. The handkerchief was placed on her face. She began to breathe, opened her eyes, and was healed.

The mother who had cancer in both breasts, and unable to nurse, placed the handkerchief on her chest. The pain left her and she nursed!

This photo was taken six months after on a return trip to Masimba.

I was ecstatic to see mother and child in perfect condition.

The dear lady offered me a jar of premium cooking fat and three hundred shillings.

This is the fat that floats to surface of the milk.

It’s meticulously trapped and collected over time.

The three hundred shillings equals four American dollars.

This is a big sum for Maasais who have little.

What God can do when we obey, can blow our minds.


How I Met St. Peters Angel?

 Acts 12:7  And behold, an angel of the Lord stood there, and a light shined in the prison room; and striking the side of Peter, he roused him saying, “Arise quickly!” And his chains fell away from his hands.

8  And the angel said to him, “Gird yourself and put on your sandals”; and he did so. And he said to him, “Put on your cloak and follow me.”

9  And going out, he was following him, and did not know that the thing taking place by the angel was true, but he was thinking that he was seeing a vision.

10  And going though the first and the second guard posts, they came to the iron gate which leads into the city, which was opened to them of its own accord; and going out, they went forward one street, and immediately the angel withdrew from him.

11  And Peter, having come to himself, said, “Now I know truly that the Lord has sent forth His angel, and has delivered me from the hand of Herod and from all the expectation of the Jews.”

I’d  visit a hang out where  men of a city converged to drink and pass the night.

This place had been there forever.

You’d drive by and see men and women drunk, others reveling, some even stoned.

It had been my practice to visit the hangout, befriend the men and share the gospel in a spontaneous and non-threatening fashion.

I had been nicknamed “the preacher,”

One night though, things were very different. Some of the men had sniffed cocaine, were high as kites and were very confrontational.

As I mingled, one charged me with mal treating my children.

“I walked past the preacher’s home today and heard one of his kid’s screaming”, he snapped in a heated way.

I knew what had happened. My kids were small in those days. One of my daughters was in the habit of screaming bloody murder when she did not get her way.

That morning, my wife Mary, had washed her hair and wanted to brush out the knots.

Mary had not begun the brushing but my daughter was screaming in its anticipation.

This guy had walked past my house when this was happening.

“The preacher was beating his kid!” he rejoined, in a loud voice.

Another coked out dude joined the fray.  “Yeah, preacher, that’s really bad, what did you do to your kid?”

He began pushing me.

I expounded on what had occurred to the fifteen men that were there. None of them said a word. Many of them I knew personally. No one came to my defense.

The loud mouthed and confrontational ones continued inflaming the tempers of the others. “Yeah, we gotta punish the preacher for what he does to his kids!”

One continued to push me around. The others sat in silence, as if their tongues had been cut out.  I was dumb founded and frightened.

The ring leader retorted, “Let’s hang the preacher!”

With that he found a rope and began to make a noose for my lynching. The other one kept on pushing me, while several more hurled accusations.

I appealed to the men who knew me the best, “You’ve known me for years! You see me with my children!”

Nothing. The silence was deafening.

Meanwhile the agitator in a corner gleefully continued constructing the noose.

Suddenly, out of nowhere a girl, a teen ager, appeared.  She was a native of the city.

“Come and follow me”.

She led me past the crowd of the men. Even my agitators were speechless.

“Get in your car and get out here.”

Then she departed from me.

And so I did. I never visited this haunt again, needless to say.

This had been Peter’s angel sent to me.

It’s tragically comical that it took a woman, probably the only one in that joint to rescue me. The men who had been friends were cowardly and spineless.

In our global travels, it’s mostly the women who have supported our ministry, while the men have been heartbreakingly absent.

This is one reason I support women in the ministry. It is troublesome that men who argue against their inclusion in the pulpit are sedentary in the activities of their local congregations.

This story ends on a good note, as with all that God does.

Months later, I saw my noose maker. I said hello, extended my hand and shook his. He stared at me in disbelief, frozen in time, God’s conviction raining on him. Never uttering a word, he walked away. I’ve prayed for him on occasions. I knew he lived in pain.

To this day, I’ve not been able to find my angel to thank her. Maybe in heaven I’ll find out that she was St. Peter’s angel.


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Written by Pastor Greg  Manalli

The anatomy of the church in light of the coming revival looks at the stages Christians go through on the way to maturity in Christ and the places of testing and trials that lead some to become discouraged, or worse, fall back into old ways or merely go through the motions of their faith. Since our Father is in the testings, then all these things will work for our good if we love God and are called according to His purposes; namely that we should be conformed to Christ.

Briefly we move through the initial stage of hearing the gospel, becoming convicted, repenting and being converted by re-birth as we learn of Jesus’ great gift of salvation. This is followed by seasons of learning the truths and ways of Christian faith, finding our gifts and expressing them, advancing the Kingdom by our witness and reaching the lost.

Also during these early times in the Lord, we come to enjoy the fellowship of the saints. We work together to accomplish different goals and rejoice together when they are achieved.

Then, a more advanced or serious period enters our lives. Being like Christ is becoming a vision that once was merely a statement in scripture. In pursuit of this vision, we encounter trials showing our real condition. We also have failures of unanswered prayers. There are purposes beyond our immediate understanding. In addition, we experience disappointments in relationships. New temptations to old sins arise, giving life to what we thought we had overcome.

Discouragement seizes this opportune time. Disillusionment with the “whole thing” grows stronger. We see our brothers and sisters going through similar things. We enter into formality in worship; our attendance and giving is low. Religion has taken over and the relationship with our Lord, while still there, isn’t as passionate as it once was. Some of us leave the church. This is a spiritual “Death Valley”.

Simultaneously, leaders realize their ministries and churches are not what they once were. Enormous efforts at organizing and planning commence, all with the goal of restoring the church to her previous state and to bring in a harvest of lost. The ratio of efforts to results would make a Wall Street banker jump off a building. At this time leaders expend more energy and resources for minimal returns. This is quite the opposite of how God’s works! And perhaps leaders must go through this for them also to repent.

This critical stage is the setting for revival. Revival is birthed in us by God. He instills in some a longing to pray and ask for our Lord to send Holy Spirit to us. We need Him so. Currents of life begin to serge into our souls. We return slowly to our first love, to repentance of our now recognized sins and a re-commitment to Jesus. It is like being born again, yet again.

Before the great outpouring that will come, there is this new season of travail and a cry to God our Father to first of all change us and prepare our hearts for the Lord to come again in the power and holiness of the Spirit. This does not happen overnight, but when the Lord does pour out His Spirit, it will be sudden, spontaneous, supernatural and sovereign. No man will take credit, no ministries can claim it, and no efforts on our part will achieve it.

This is what He requires of us before He comes. First, we must prepare our hearts as holy highways for Him, Isa. 40:3 and 35:8, Psa. 84:5. This is done in the desert of our souls. When we are in a dry and unfruitful place we best recognize our need. As some have said, this holy highway is paved with stones of repentance and tears that make fresh springs in the desert.

Second, a spirit of prayer and intercession comes upon us. This, too, is from the Lord. We take up the burden of the Lord for a renewed people of God walking in holiness and giving glory to Him. Our intercession reaches the throne of grace on behalf of the lost and those who sit in darkness. Deep cries for the prodigals stretch heavenward. The burden for them to be restored is relentless. Our overwhelming motive….glory to our Lord. For of Him and through Him are all things, and to Him be the glory forever, Rom. 11:36.

If you want to know if you are in the present will of the Lord, find out what God is doing today and give yourself to it.

Pastor Manalli has a tireless vision to see revival come to America.

Pastor Greg  Manalli

Fellowship of Life Church

150 Sandbank Road, P.O. Box 239

Cheshire, CT 06410



Pastor Manalli sharing with Mary a vision that he had for revival in the north east 30 years ago.

The Great Northeast Awakening

For America, revival is no longer the option; it’s the requirement. We will be doing revival meetings between July 29th to August 16th, in NY and are raising moneys for them. We have a You Tube video explaining our vision. Thank you

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