Why Socalism Does Not Work Work In A Fallen World: My Talk With a Cuban

I had the privilege of praying for a husband and wife who not only recently arrived from Cuba, but who visited the island a week ago.

What the man told me confirmed what Ive always known

“Look, the Communist socialist system does not exist”, he said. “What you have are opportunistic people who have created a system that promises collective altruism but that really is a device to tyrannize people and enrich themselves as they subjugate the nation into poverty, by stealing from them, under their sham creation.”

The likes of Maduro, Chavez or the Castros are not socialists, neither are they communists. They are fat cat capitalists, the real opportunists, who have learned to dupe a nation into believing the lies of self-sacrificing socialism until they make the playing field so uneven, that the only ones who can play in it is them.

Socialism can only work when it leaders have impeccable character, and when their hearts are in the right place with the people whom they lead.

I have never seen this.

This can only occur in a world where the sinful nature of people is dealt with by the Lord Jesus Christ.

The socialism that we have in place is what this gentleman correctly called, the opportunism of opportunistic people.

Therefore, because we live in such in a fallen world, free market enterprise is the only system that will work until Jesus comes back.

In the free market system, you have the same corrupt opportunistic people. Yet everyone who wants to be opportunistic has the same opportunity.

Free market enterprise gives a level playing field to all opportunistic people who want to practice opportunism.

The so-called communist socialist model, only affords the playing field to the opportunists on the top.

If you look at our own American politicians who preach income inequality, big government, aid to all, and benefits to the poor, their vacations are grossly extravagant, their salaries are in the millions and their corruption stinks to the highest heavens. They are the biggest of opportunists, they are fat cat capitalists.

I say level the playing field for all opportunists, endorse free market enterprise, lest the few free market opportunists at the top endorsing phony socialism will starve and subjugate all of us into the extinction through land grabs, execution, torture and jails.