For communication is not Face Book, its one on one and face to face.

I had an illuminating conversation yesterday.

This person confirmed things that I have felt from the Holy Ghost.

Facebook is the worst communication tool ever. Don’t use it for communicating anything serious.

Second to that is email, followed by phone calls.

The most effective way of communicating is one on one and face to face.

Any challenging situation subject to misunderstanding and volatility must be advanced one to one and face to face.

There are volatile issues which have been shackled to closed paradigms.

What is a closed paradigm?

These are explosive issues in which both sides have shut themselves to prejudging a situation around closed arguments, closed questions and closed responses.

Take the matter of the sexual schism plaguing our nation.

All sides have predisposed themselves to certain viewpoints which gender specific arguments, with the same questions asked and the same responses expected. Its “cookie cutter” communication.  Appalling.

If the answer falls outside of the closed expectation, accusations of hate speech, knee jerk reactions and eventual crucifixion fly.

Piers Morgan is a perfect example of a closed paradigm communicator.

This is why I will not go on his show.

The church is also guilty of painting the whole sexual thing with  a broad brush of black paint.

Jesus loves individuals, knows their individual stories, and encourages Christian leaders to know individuals.

Every story is different. Circumstances have been different.

You can only help people when you hear them as individuals

Mature leaders need at arise beyond the phenomena of closed paradigms.

In volatile issues I will not talk unless I can meet with the person.

For communication is not Face Book, its one on one and face to face.

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How did Jesus find me in 1979? Did He subject me to a close paradigm or did He become a friend?