Back In The USSR

Repression in Venezuela ( Now In English )

Most of the You Tube videos coming out of Venezuela are in Spanish. This one has English sub titles. I still don’t know why our government and media have institutes a blackout on a crisis that is worse than the one in Ukraine. This is an overview on what happens on Venezuela. If you feel led to share do so, and let the English speaking world know what is happening to our Western hemisphere neighbor, Venezuela.

“Joe, You are Killing Me!”

The black and white picture was taken about twenty years ago.

My late mother Pinky Alonso and my late stepfather, Manolo Alonso are shown enjoying the company of two of my daughters, Hannah and Lexy.

Manolo was a wonderful man.

He lived almost to be ninety and had the heart of a teenager.

His favorite expression when addressing me was, “Joe, you are killing me!”

Manolo had a prolific import and export company in Miami called, “Alonso Shipping.”

I remember unmistakably that by far his biggest client was Venezuela.

There was big money coming in and big business going out.

Though I have never been there, I knew Venezuela to be a country of wealth, democracy, glamor, lots of oil, and a great neighbor to the USA.

I am still in utter incredulity that in less than twenty years, this beautiful nation has evolved into a terror nest for oppressive communism.

Its infrastructure has been so destroyed that it’s a skeleton of what it was when Manolo engaged in business.

How can this happen in such a short time to such a great and wealthy nation?

I am not going to speculate.

One thing is certain, if it happened there, it can happen in the USA.

We who know Jesus Christ must be quick to share the Good News and actively labor in the work of revival.

We must pray and fast for our nation.

We must be eternally vigilant.

The horrible price of suffering that Venezuelans are now paying is indescribable.

I surely don’t want to pay that price, if there is a way to prevent it!

One Venezuelan commented to me. “I don’t understand why Americans with so many freedoms and rights want big government?

It’s an antithesis to our lifestyle.

I will do my part to prevent it.

I fled from a Venezuela named Cuba.

What about you? What will you do to protect the USA?

If Manolo could turn in his grave and see the Venezuela which he left behind, he would say “Joe, you are killing me!”


Who Are The Super Heroes?

A basic knowledge of Spanish is required,
In Venezuela, the superheroes are the young college students like this girl who have withstood the tyrannical Communist government of Nicolas Maduro.
As of recent Maduro’s henchman are using motorcycles with two policemen to grasp these youngsters and haul them away. To where, God only know?
In America, many have been enamored by the so called altruistic motives of socialistic communism, thinks that their motives are to help the poor.
Nothing can be further from the truth. This is socialistic communism.
In this video, we see a young girl videotaping eleven of these motorcycles hauling away these kids.
All of a sudden one of the policeman approaches the girl videotaping, commanding her to stop taping.
You can hear the girl repeatedly answering him, “why”, “why”, “why”, to every one of his demands to stop.
The rest is history as you will see.
What happened to the girl?
I don’t know, but the video got out.Please pray for Venezuela that it will not become another Cuba.
These kids are the superheroes.


Rod Stewart had a song named, Every Picture Tells a Story.
How much more needs to be said about Nicola Maduro’s thuggery in Venezuela.
Here two of his henchmen, dragging away a kid on their motorcycle, to who knows where. Yesterday he was transporting 7 or 8 army tanks.
This is the real story of Venezuela. This is the real story of socialist communism.
Picture courtesy Leo Ramirez at AFP

Venezuelans Who Do Not Fear Martyrdom!

These pictures have moved me, ever so much

This  occurs in Venezuela as we speak.

Leopoldo Lopez is the opposition leader against the tyrannical communist government of the now deceased Hugo Chaves and his protegee and current president, Nicolas Maduro.

I fled from a communist country and now how demonic it is!

Students in Venezuela have been marching against Maduro.

Three were killed by this tyrant.

Maduro threatened Leopoldo Lopez with arrest if he walked in today’s march

Well, indeed this courageous man not only showed his face and marched, but surrendered himself into the hands of Maduro, saying that he has done nothing wrong and thus his conscience is clear.

I know that he is right.

What fate will await Lopez in the hands of these savage leaders?

Only God knows.

If the seed of martyrdom will spark the revolt that Venezuela needs, I believe that Lopez is ready to pay it.

Martyrdom is a very tough thing.

Let our prayers frevently go out to this valiant man, his wife, and the many other Venezuelans who are not afraid to become modern day martyrs for the cause of freedom.

May God be with them in this hour of trial and subsequent liberty!

UPDATE ON THURSDAY. My understanding was that close to midnight last night, Leopoldo Lopez was tried in a prison which is illegal. Two charges were dropped but he still faces ten years of prison. This family has sacrificed itself to spark the flames of a revolution against the tyrannical government of Chavez and Maduro. 

All photos are courtesy of “El Universal’s” twitter page

Their web address is


Leopoldo Lopez surrendering himself into the hands of Nicolas Maduro just hours ago. Please pray for him!


Leopoldo Lopez being thrust into the tank by Maduros soldiers which will take him to the Palace of Justice in Venezuela and an uncertain fate.


Lopez’s wife praying after his surrender and arrest


Lopez saying good bye to his wife before being taken to the Palace of Justice


Lopez walks with Maria Corina Machado on his way to surrendering to Maduro. Machado is a courageous woman who vocally opposed Chavez to his face. She ran for president against Chavez and lost in an obviously fixed election.


Lopez in the tank after his arrest


Courtesy @liliantintori


Talking tyo the protesters from the tank after his arrest


Saying goodbye to Maria Corina Machado before his arrest


Leopoldo earlier on today.