With the stabilizing of American relationships with my country  of Cuba, what does God think?
I  trust His mouth but don’t  trust what comes from the mouths of politicians.
Tragically my default is not to believe  them until I get results.
But who should believe Pinocchio, anyhow?
What are the political motives  to normalize relationship? Only God knows.
The Castro brothers are driven by the dollar that will supplement a failed pipe dream.
I am bothered that the pope stuck his hand into this. His motives might be good, I don’t know.
The fact that politicians and pope can work out political deals, demonstrates the little that we know about what occurs.
I celebrate the lifting of the embargo for the sake of my fellow Cuban, who will have more breathing room.
In retrospect , the fifty year restriction did very little good.
A surge in the free market system which has  been veiled from my people might motivate them to revolt against the despotic Castro’s.
I got this from a friend which caused me to reflect on how God sees it.
“We have prayed against the principalities and ruling powers in Cuba and for salvation for the people. This could be a big breakthrough.”
God will exploit this move to open the island to a greater move of the Spirit and strengthen economically His church.
Cuba is experiencing revival, but the church dwells in poverty.
The possibilities are now endless if Cuba’s Christian leaders use them wisely.
How will it materialize in light that deals are brokered by ultra-corrupt politicians?
We will wait and see.
I am not counting my chickens till I see them hatch.


Repression in Venezuela ( Now In English )

Most of the You Tube videos coming out of Venezuela are in Spanish. This one has English sub titles. I still don’t know why our government and media have institutes a blackout on a crisis that is worse than the one in Ukraine. This is an overview on what happens on Venezuela. If you feel led to share do so, and let the English speaking world know what is happening to our Western hemisphere neighbor, Venezuela.

America! Beware of Gun Control

God is using the unfortunate fate of Venezuela to warn America of what hers could be.

We must learn from Venezuela’s mistakes, and not commit them.

America MUST never ever give up her right to bear arms. BEWARE of gun control! America is a nation which gets easily swayed by the latest fad of political correctness. In Venezuela, we have a fully armed, evil, tyrannical, communist dictatorship, horribly oppressing a nation which is unarmed. Where are the nation’s guns to defend herself? They have none! Last night a Venezuelan reporter, three months pregnant, was assassinated by gunmen shooting from a car. We must never ever allow any federal governments disarm us, or we will end up like Cuba and Venezuela.

Attached is a video of what happened in Venezuela on Saturday when the nation cannot defend herself.

The photo is one of government sponsored gun men attacking the unarmed population.

And yet we hear so much talk of gun registries and control in our country?

On Monday, the leader of the Unity Henrique Capriles, spoke through his Twitter account @ hcapriles, in relation to the statements made by national government spokesmen about the murder of a young woman with 3 months of pregnancy in the development of the New Teques, Miranda state, on Sunday night when as she was walking home a van passed shooting at unarmed demonstrators who were protesting in the street.


Adriana Urquiola dead


RIP, Adriana Urquiola, you and your baby


Adrians Urquiola, three months pregnant ,murdered last night in Venezuela by gunmen in a moving car. Where is her gun?



La Real SOS Venezuela

More than ever I feel that the problem in Venezuela is spiritual and so is the solution.

I am exhorting the Venezuelan church to immediately call for forty days of prayer and fasting.

Only God can remove the tyrannical dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro.

These are recent pictures of Maduros henchmen arresting unarmed kids and taking them who knows where?

Maduro calls these kids, “chuckies,”after the demonic horror doll.

Only Jesus Christ can answer the SOS for Venezuela

Please pray for Venezuela.

All photos are from twitter courtesy of



Ahora más que nunca me siento que el problema en Venezuela es espiritual y tambien es la solución.

Estoy exhortando a la iglesia venezolana que llame inmediatamente  por cuarenta días de oración y ayuno.

Sólo Dios puede quitar la dictadura tiránica de Nicolás Maduro.

Estas son fotos recientes de los guardias de Maduro arrestando niños desarmados y llevándosele, quién sabe a dónde?

Maduro llama a estos niños, “chuckies”, como el muñeco demonizado.

Solamente Jesús Cristo puede responder al SOS para Venezuela

Por favor oren por Venezuela.

Todas potos en Twitter. Cortesía




Beating up an autistic kid