The Zenith Of Christianity Is A Butterfly

The Zenith Of Christianity Is A Butterfly.

If There Is No Hell, There Is No Heaven, And We Are All Screwed.

There can’t be a heaven if there is not a hell.

If there was a heaven but no hell, then love does not exist.

For true love is based on absolute freedom of will.

God gives humans an absolute freedom to choose or not choose Him.

The horrifying consequences of sin show our infinite ability to choose God or not choose Him.

If we would have chosen God, there would be no death, sickness, or wars.

But the reality of these demonstrates our infinite power to choose and the infinite love of God who gave us that power.

Pure love is not tyrannical, it does not create robots, and it gives to the other utter freedom to choose, even if the outcome is dreadful.

If there was heaven but no hell, then every person would be God’s Stepford wife, either forced to follow Him or programmed by Him to do so.

God does not live in hell. So if hell does not exist, then everyone would be forced to follow God, and end up where He is, even against their will.

If this is so, then God is hate.

If heaven exists, there must be a hell. The reality of both demonstrates God’s immense love for people. It proves the infinite power of the human will, given to us by God, for us to choose our infinite destiny. This is pure love. This is the love of God.

G.K. Chesterton once remarked, “Hell is God’s great compliment to the reality of human freedom and the dignity of human personality.”

If Rob Bell is right and others like Him, then God is not be pure love, for at the end of all He dictates human will and destiny to His side of things.

For there to be love, there must be heaven and there must be hell and the unmitigated power of the human will to choose one or the other.

There can’t be a heaven if there is not a hell, and we are all screwed.