Derek Prince and American Politics

I believe in the concept of constructive criticism of the government, as a means of educating a nation’s population, which is commonly blind.

My father said, “Don’t follow the throngs, they are usually wrong.”

A tyrant’s elixir is the gullibility and naïvety of the masses, whom he leads.

A despot who enjoys the favor of the media can deceive all the more.

Hence the people are in need of continuing education which bears the face of the constructive criticism of its government.

If we don’t speak up in protection of our freedoms when challenged by despotism, we lose them.

But censure of the government without ongoing intercession to God for it, is hypocrisy. This is the most potent tool.

If we don’t like the government which rules us, we must vote it out.

I am appalled at how few Christians not only are unregistered to vote, but have scant knowledge of those whom rule them.

If we don’t like those whom govern us, and vote them in again, we deserve what we get.

Without a doubt, the Christian owns civilization’s most powerful weapons to change the face of government; intercession, faith and revival.

Months back I wrote this about my wife Mary.

“Mary has been Reese Howells Intercessor by Norman Grub. God is leading me back to continual intercession. I believe that continual intercession is the number one key for God to move and bring healing to the USA. It is the main answer for America. Reese Howell, a Welsh intercessor, interceded during the invasions of Hitler into Europe discouraging Hitler from attacking England. I believe that this book is a must read for every Christian who has a passion for revival and for God to heal the USA.”

After prefacing this, I enthusiastically agree with the comments of that great man of God, Derek Prince.

 “Having been raised in Britain, I am frequently shocked by the way in which Americans habitually speak about the officers of their government. The irony of this is that, in an elective democracy, those who continually criticize their rulers are, in effect criticizing themselves, since it is within their power by the processes of election to change those rulers and to replace them by others. This applies with double force to Christians in such a democracy. Who have also available to them God-given power of prayer by which to bring about the changes which they believe desirable…the truth is, Christians are not held responsible by God to criticize their government, they are held responsible to pray for it. So long as they fail to pray, Christians have no right to criticize. Furthermore, if Christians would seriously begin to intercede, they would find less to criticize.”

Derek Prince, Shaping History Through Prayer and Fasting:


Derek Prince