No One Knew!

These are stories from our ministry trip to New York in June 2014!

Eph 3:20 Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us,
We are our way from Nyack NY to Miami.
God had proved the reality of the above verse.
But it was not always like this.
When the Lord called us to spend two months away from home and children it was scary.
Knowing that He would have to supply two separate set of bills was daunting.
No one except my wife knew that with less than two weeks before the trip, no money had come in.
No one knew that I was discouraged and frightened and was tempted to cancel the whole thing.
No one knew that it was until I got on my knees, and prayed that money came.
No one knew the apprehension that I had about going to the streets of America and share the love of Christ, after I heard hat religion is dead and that everyone is unreceptive towards God.
Don’t listen to the media! They don’t represent Americans.
I owed my accountant money for the taxes that we had filed before leaving.
No one knew how God miraculously covered our mortgage by someone whom we don’t know too well.
No one knew how large sums of money came in from people whom I have little contact with.
No one knew how almost one thousand dollars came in this Sunday in NY so that we could return back to Miami.
No one knew that when we arrived in Nyack and knew that God told us to go out to the streets I tried to make excuses not to do so.
No one knew that we had no idea where and how to start ministering the love of Christ outside the church walls.
Religion might be dead in America but not God.
We encountered an overwhelming hunger from so many for the love and kindness of God.

Everyone is hungry for relationships, to talk, to be listened to, to be shown an interest in, or to get a prayer from God.
For seven weeks ministry has not ceased as God brought us divine appointment after divine appointment.
We did not experience hostility or rejection. Those who were atheists, or into yoga or new age, were kind to us. So many ideas were exchanged.
With open arms we were welcomed by the body of Christ in Rockland County in NY.
We had opportunity to go to my wife’s 40th year high school reunion in CT, which was awesome.
My daughter Hannah visited us.
Our friends from Miami, Maria Passwaters and Joyce Jones flew in and got caught in the flow of the revival spirit hitting Rockland County.
Why do write all this?
It’s not to tout my horn, lol!
I am just a mortal like you.
I struggled with the same sins, deal with the same unbelief that everyone does.
But I think that I’ve learned to push into the dreams which God has given me.
I’ve learned to obey God at all costs.
I have learned that to be a spectator to someone else’s vision is suicide.
I have learned that allowing fear to overtake me to where my destiny is jeopardized creates chronic boredom.
I’ve learned how to laugh at myself and to be a fool for Chris rather than to be someone else’s wise man.
So many miss out on what Mary and I experience because they choose not to obey.
So many miss out on the amazing things that God has for them because they do not jump into the waters of God’s adventures.
So many will live and die missing what God had for them.
For many, Christianity is a spiritual spectator sport where people vicariously participate through the testimonies of the few who play.
God has called none to be an onlooker and everyone to play.
Don’t let this be you. Test and see that God is good, but do test.


Thirteen Ways to Bring The Church Into 2015.

  1. The church must excel in networking and communicating socially.
    1. The world is on Facebook. We pray for people, post events, set up trips, and write teachings  all over the world. There must be some within the local church with social media skills to promote their church.
    2. God is moving extensively through networking
    3. The church is for the most part very poorly connected. There is no more powerful institution on the earth as local churches when they work together as the Body of Christ to display the Kingdom of God in the Person of the Resurrected Christ.
    4. The local church suffers from a malady called (TMS). This stands for Tribal Mentality Syndrome. Most local bodies are disconnected from other churches in the same community. The local church is busily promoting its local body and vision within her walls. It’s an entrenched “my church”, tribal mentality. One of the globe’s most daunting jobs is to bring pastors to unite under a common God given strategy within their community to bring revival. This is a very sad statement.
    5. Jesus Christ has not called the local church to primarily be tribal, but kingdom minded. Within a vision for the individual church, there must be a greater kingdom vision adopted by  churches within a community to effect a revival. If for nothing else, a local church must become a super connector with other community churches.
    6. What if churches became super connectors with other churches within the state where they are at? Churches finding out how they can help each other and meet each others deficiencies. How would the kingdom of God look? Could revival come?
  2. The church must excel in three areas of teaching.
    1. Apostolic and foundational teachings on  NT church structure for the effective functioning of the local church. A house can’t be built without foundations. The foundation of any church is the revealed Person of Christ who directs a local church what to do.
    2. Identity teachings on who the Christian is in Christ via His identity.
    3. How to Teachings? How to hear God, how to minister, etc. Teachings which will offer the church usable tools that she can implement effectively and immediately for the glory of God.
  3. Senior pastors must delegate duties and be freed up so that they can identify, pour into, and raise up their potential leaders. One leader can influence thousands of people.
  4. God is doing more outside the church than inside of her walls
    1. It’s more boring inside the church than in the market place.
    2. I believe that Christians are generally bored with each other when they only fellowship among themselves and have little contact with their non church neighbors.
    3. Christians relating only among themselves is an unreality. The reality of Christianity demands both Christian and non-Christian relationships.
    4. The church must become acclimated to the market place. The reason why we Christians get so freaked out in the market place is that we are too acclimated to church weather. We step into market place weather and can’t handle its bite. We, the church, need “market place weatherization. “Can you imagine staying in church weather the rest of your life? The church needs a change of weather. Why don’t you begin by committing two hours a week to non-church market place weather? Don preach, just be you, and soak in the new weather.
  5. Open Microphone day.
    1. 1Co 14:26  what is it then, brothers? Whenever you come together, each of you has a song, has a teaching, has a tongue, has a revelation, and has an interpretation. Let all things be done for edification.
    2. One of the most powerful services I’ve attended was when the pastor did not preach but had an open microphone. Many came forward that Sunday to minister, and I received tons. The ministry of the body is usually much more effective than the ministry of one man.
    3. Even when I am in charge of a meeting I will immediately call my team forward to help me in prayer. I can’t stand to make people wait to be prayed for half an hour because I have need to be “The Minister In Charge.” The same Holy Spirit in me is the same Holy Spirit in the other person. If people still want prayer from me I make myself available.
  6. Words of knowledge after the announcements. I learned this from Todd Bentley. After the worship, probably after the announcements, but before the sermon, release several words of knowledge that will activate the spirit of faith which will persist for the rest of the service.
  7. Hospitality training.
    1. The church gets a D in hospitality.
    2. I attended a five star hotel for a family reunion. What made it five stars was its exceptional skills in hospitality.
    3. Local churches must offer short courses in hospitality training.
    4. Any church which excels in hospitality to visitors will grow in numbers. Guaranteed!
  8. I am tired of Bible seminars and conferences with outside speakers. The church is the only entity which makes this mistake. Successful companies promote people to new positions from within. Churches have tons of amazingly gifted people who are never promoted because outside speakers are brought in. Let your seminars and conferences come primarily from within. You will see your church vastly mature.
  9. Shadow ministry.
    1. The church must get away from the model of making people go through tons of training before they are given a chance to minister. This is the dinosaur system in a rapidly fluctuating world. This is why churches are not growing. People are hungry to experience and minister in the power of the Holy Spirit.
    2. I look for spiritually hunger people whom I know and I bring them up to shadow me when I minister. These people do an awesome job. Nothing is as effective as hands on ministry.
  10. It’s a mistake to segregate adults, young adults and children in a service.
    1. Yes, I understand that the sermon will be boring for a youth or a child, but ministry time must incorporate all three. We are not three bodies, but one. God is moving more in the world with young people than with adults.
    2. At Bethel Church in Redding, California, every prophecy team had a child. They were “off the charts” in their ministry.
    3. It’s a religious spirit to have this kind of segregation and part of the dinosaur system which is not working today.
  11. The church need to train more catchers.
    1. Catching when people fall in the Spirit is a huge ministry. I’ve seen catchers receive the anointing that they catch in, learn how to minister and become effective ministers through their catching. When the Spirit is moving, many times we have women, who are the hungry ones, catching for us. This is very unfortunate.

12The Church wants revival but she is not ready to steward it.

  1. If one visitor can so easily fall through the cracks on a Sunday what happens when addicts and broken people show at the church’s doorsteps? Can she, or will she pray the price to minister to these ones? The answer is no.
  2. A local body must ask the question. What must I change so that we can steward a revival in our community

13  And as a freebie my four golden questions.

1 What can I commercialize with my spiritual gifting that will make money and that will bring God glory?Wisdom comes from God. Wisdom is taking accumulated knowledge which sits passively by and making it into something so usable that it can be commercialized. What can you commercialize in your life? EW Kenyon.
2 If this was my last day on earth, what would I impart to it? Then live every day like this.
3 What can I create and design on earth? In my case, it’s for God’s glory. As Seth Godin says, the earth is filled with copy editors. Few design and create. Are you a creator or a copy editor? God is the former.
4 Strive in everything that I do to make it usable for others. Ninety percent of things on earth are non-usable.

Cutting edge

The Church Needs a Change of Weather!

The Church Needs a Change of Weather!

There is only one difference between a Christian and a non-Christian.

It is Jesus Christ.

People are people.

Spending much time with my non church friends I’ve recognized how alike I am to them.

Most of my initial connections have been over my love for 1970’s classic rock.

The reason why we Christians get so freaked out in the market place is that we are too acclimated to church weather. We step into market place weather and can’t handle its bite.

We, the church need “market place weatherization.”

Can you imagine staying in church weather the rest of your life?

Can I share a secret? God is doing far more in marketplace weather than in the church’s.

Ministering to your church friends over and over will get boring.

The church needs a change of weather.

Why don’t you begin by committing two hours a week to non-church market place weather?

Don preach, just be you, and soak in the new weather.

You will realize how alike all people are, and how wonderful it is just to be you.

Never again will you stay only in church weather.


Whatever you want men to do to you, thus also you do to them!

Mt 7:12 Therefore, whatever you want men to do to you, thus also you do to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.

How would you feel if someone tried to convert you to their religion in a Starbucks?
How would you feel if someone who hardly knew you pointed out your sins?
How would you feel if someone had zero interest in you except to sway you towards his beliefs?
How would you feel when you see him again? Would you be excited or would you run the other way?
Is this how your non church neighbor perceives you?
The greatest evangelism is the listening ear over a plate of food.
What about inviting your non church friend to lunch and listen to his story?clancy

My Brain Storming Devotional Time Today With Jesus!

My Brain Storming Devotional Time Today With Jesus.
Brain Storm or Idea Storm with God. Dream big! Jot your ideas on paper.
Reinvent yourself in Jesus. Can’t teach and preach to others something that you are not.
Repent of every known sin. You won’t be totally effective, otherwise.
Must church always have the format of a sermon?
What about alternating sermons with days of open mike and discussions?
Everybody wants to be recognized, heard and given a chance. This is part of the social revolution. What if church led society in this? Will it attract people? Is church supposed to be a spectator event? Is this why it only attracts Christians from other churches.
Teaching church leaders to be Christ centered and cutting edge relevant in the rapidly changing social world. Leaders must study what is happening in the fluid world. No matter what, Jesus Christ will always be the most attractive and relevant person at any time or any generation. So don’t be scared to dream with the Holy Spirit.
No moral issues from the pulpit if we want to attract the market place. Let moral issues be discussed one on one.
Getting out of the denominational tribal mentality into across the board kingdom of God mentality.
A major emphasis on investing into the next generation. Making them an essential part of church activities and ministry. I disagree with separating church into adults and youth. Youth must be part of all ministry and all activities.
Leaders cannot sit on the spirituality and church mountain while neglecting to influence other six cultural mountains. This is called a church ghetto.
What are the cultural mountains?
Spirituality and Church
Government and Law
Media and Communication
Arts and Entertainment
Business and Finn
Leaders who are foundation layers and builders on “Whom the Christian is in Christ?”
We are producing foundation less Christians who remain in bondage and powerless. Home seminars on the Book of Romans and the Identity of Christ are a must.
Teaching and releasing people into ministry situations where they shadow and learn from those who know. Get away from extensive church training and classes before releasing people into ministry. This is old school. Leaders must provide that kind of an atmosphere where people are given opportunity to do the works of Christ. It can get messy, but so what? Just about every wants an opportunity to minister, get words and learn to release the power of God. Make it available. Be a mentor, let them shadow you, called them forth by your side.
Evangelism is a huge priority. But not going house to house or attempting to convert. Rather go to connect in the market place and be an interested neighbor. Church must emphasize connecting in the market place, by being whom you are, not what you are supposed to do as a Christian. Get out and get a feel of what it to be a human who connects with another human being. The Christian who does not connect in the market place and stays only on the church mountain lives a dysfunctional Christianity.
Teaching on generously giving to your local church and missions. The Christian who does not do this will never fulfill the destiny which God has for them. The church is terrible at this and this is why it’s stuck in a rut. Giving to the kingdom of God is not only essential to God’s work but to fulfill your destiny.

Why I Hate “Evangelism”?

Why I Hate “Evangelism”?
If your church believes that revival is the most important thing that can happen may I prayerfully endorse the following?
Your church can no longer talk about revival, or even pray for revival without doing something about revival.
It is a fact that churches and pastors are busy and finding extra time to go out the marketplace is daunting.
How do you solve the problem?
Take one of your week day church meetings and change it into an evangelistic outing!
If your church has only one weekday meeting you can alternate it as an evangelistic outing twice a month and your scheduled meeting the other two days.
I have despised evangelist outings as I suspect most Christians do.
The reasons why they fail are the following.
Going out to the market place becomes a program rather than connecting with your neighbor.
There is an expectation that you have to talk to people.
What if you talked to no one? What if there is is no pressure to talk to anybody?
There is an expectancy of having to share the gospel in the outing. This expectation hijacks the process of getting to know your neighbor and changes the whole thing into a program.
What if there is no approach or method?
What if you talked about music and never mentioned Jesus?
Rock and roll is one of my best connecting points.
The thing of dividing into teams with the prospect of having to share the gospel or pray with somebody sends chills through me. I hate it. What is to be fun and normal becomes a project with quantified results. Forget the results!
Next, is the debriefing meeting at the end of the outing.
Thinking about debriefing at the end of the outing places a burden that I must achieve something to bring something back to the debriefing meeting. Be normal, for God’s sake. We don’t do live with debriefing meetings, do we?
The outing is geared to give you a feel for the marketplace, a love for your neighbor and an experience of what Jesus can do. It’s supposed to be fun!
What if the evangelistic gathering, had no expectation of what one must do?
What if the evangelistic outreach had no expectation of results?
What if no one shares the gospel and prays for no one?
What if people go without dividing into teams?
What if there are no debriefing meetings?
What if the group simply goes out to a Starbucks, buys coffee and hangs out.
What if it’s fun to get out of church?
What if your church began to grow because of this? What a concept!
What if this is the evangelism that Jesus likes?

Twenty truths, half truths and lies about evangelism!


Awesome evangelism team with Wynwood Church, Miami, at the Wynwood Art Walk

Not all places are equal when it comes to evangelism. Nyack, New York is one of the more conducive places because of the relational slow moving aspect of the city. New York’s changes of seasons attracts many to the outdoors.
On the other hand. Miami, Florida is one of the most difficult. The generic uncultural structure of the city combined with its eternal summers, drives people into their air conditioned homes, autos and Starbucks.  But yet, God has a strategy for every place.
1.    My evangelistic passions arise in New York and wane in Miami. So will yours according to locations.
2.    Yet, the thread is that people are people wherever one lives. We share the same fears, joys, hopes and disappointments.
3.    People are looking for people, who truly care, who will listen to their story, get into their lives, and counsel them with wisdom and the spirit of father or motherhood.
4.    I find very little difference between the churched and unchurched.
5.    I find that I minister to people in the just about the same way in the church as I do outside.
6.    I find that Jesus Christ easily brings church into the market place, and that the church should never be confined to the walls of a building.
7.    I find that the holiness and sanctity of God is felt as strong with the dingiest people on the streets as it is in a glorious worship service.
8.    I feel more bored inside a church than I feel outside of it.
9.    I see God more enthusiastically moving outside of church than inside.
10.    People outside of church are as excited to receive a word of prophecy as those inside.
11.    The enemy of the church is not the world. It’s not an us versus them clash. There is not a deep dark witchcraft world that we must spend hours bounding and rebuking in the safety of the church walls. That’s a cop out. The greatest warfare is going into the marketplace to shine your light that darkness will not contain.
12.    The church for many has become a ghetto. Get out of your ghetto. There is a big world to explore.
13.    I see evangelistic opportunities called “visitors” that God brings to church on Sundays  and which most church goers will miss because of selfishness, fear, and passivity
14.    I was a severe stutterer for forty years bounded by panic and fear. If I can talk to people on the streets, so can you. Practice makes perfect.
15.    In Nyack, the best evangelism is called coffee evangelism. I grab a cup of coffee, sit and wait for God to move. What is God’s strategy where you live? He must have one!
16.    If you sincerely get into people’s lives to love and serve them, even the atheist will hear you.
17.    Someone suggested the best name for a Christian coffee house, “The Listening Ear.”  What a concept!
18.     God’s river is flowing through every city. The key is to find it and flow in it.
19.    In evangelism, the key is your will. We must adopt the Nike slogan, “just do it.”
20.     We pray for revival, but its here. God has heard our prayers. But without your co cooperation in His marketplace, your prayers will remain prayers prayed in the ghettos of your churches.

Spiritual Thoughts From New York

Don’t develop a tunnel vision with what God is doing in your church that you miss the bigger vision of what God is doing outside of her. The reality of Christ requires a balance and participation in both.

The truth of the matter at least according to Jose. Jesus is doing more with Christians outside the church walls than within. The Holy Spirit is moving more actively outside the church walls, than within. God’s favor, which comes through people, is greater outside the church walls, than within. The fullness of Christ’s reality for the Christian will never be actualized only in fellowship with other Christians.

We met a man who told us that his friend had died. Mary innocently told him that one day he would see him in heaven. His defensive answer was that he did not believe in all that stuff that he believed in scientific Darwinism. That was the end of the conversation for I have no grace to convince or chase him down. Neither did Jesus. As we bid him good bye I could tell that he was shaken up by the mention of heaven. I suspect as with all others who profess atheism that he had been burned by religion somewhere. My sadness for him lingered seeing the pain that he is in and the doors that he has shut.

“The best way that God will manifest Himself to you is when you approach your search with an earnest heart and a measure of humility. Many times when we approach the existence of God simply with an attitude of mental or argumentative debate, God won’t show up. Remember, I was like all agnostic and atheists at one time of my life, and when I became sincere in my search for Him, I had an encounter which drastically changed my life.
What encounter could I have had that radicalized my life for 37 years, took me out drugs without rehab or help, purified my heart from pornography addiction, changed my source of employment forever and all my beliefs about deity.
It is all too simplistic to say that I have been conned or psychopathically deluded all these years.”
My response to someone to day on my blog entry.

What is evangelism? There is a world of people stuck in pain, rejection and darkness awaiting for you to come and notice them, pay attention to and father them, and promote them in the love of Jesus. The harvest is far greater than what can be seen. There are millions upon millions like these awaiting for you.

The goal of freedom in Christ is to allow the Holy Spirit to become the undisputed and unhindered leader of your life. Nothing is as vital as this if we are to see life changing things impact people’s lives. Towards the end of the service at Silver Springs Vineyard Church of Nyack I suddenly got a vision of a powerfully moving river teeming with the waters of life. Since the river was flowing downstream by the force of gravity, nothing could stop it. God told me, this is the river of my Spirit that I wish to release today. Because gravity pulled it forwards, I had to do nothing but stretch out my hand and let it flow out of me. The first person we prayed for was a little lady in her 70’s. She was so massively touched that she leaned against the wall, out in the presence of God. I believe that for nearly two hours the river flowed to many and yet we did nothing but to stretch out our hands. Jesus is beautiful.

I am talking to one of my missionary friends in India who is using prophetic evangelism quite successfully. In my life, a good portion of the relationships that today I have come to enjoy came out of prophetic evangelism. Everybody wants a word from Almighty God, I don’t care who they are, unless they have absolutely hardened themselves to Him. It is terrible for anyone to say that spiritual gifts are not for today. They need to seek the face of God and repent. I don’t know how many of my present relationships would have been short circuited if I had believed that nonsense.

The difference between the one who calls himself a Christian and has a love for Christ but never attains to Christ’s fullness versus a true disciple of Christ who does, is hardness of heart.

Mt 1:18 Now the birth (genessis) of Jesus Christ was on this wise: When as his mother Mary was espoused to Joseph, before they came together, she was found with child of the (out of the) Holy Ghost.
Our genesis comes out of the Holy Spirit. No connection to our natural birth.

EW Kenyon, one of my favorite Bible teachers along with Austin Sparks, says this about faith. There is a level of faith which allows me to enter in and begin to obtain what you have asked from God. The next level of faith allows me to become fully established into what I have obtained which is the definition of having my dreams come true. I must confess that I have learned to operate in the first but have never allowed myself to move into the faith which establishes and manifests my dreams. For the latter to work, I must develop the habit of walking on waters and risking it all. It cannot be the exception, it must become the habit. I am ready for my dreams to become true, what about you?

2 Cor 3:14 But their minds were blinded: Blinded is the Greek word, porosis, defined as callous. Our thoughts can become calloused. The most effective way to callousness is disobeying the voice of God speaking through the Holy Spirit. Be careful this does not happen to you.

If it’s the voice of the Lord, throw yourself into the waters of RISK, also spelled FAITH, big time. This is the only way achieve all that God has in His mind. It’s a question of how much you want to achieve, according to your mind, or Gods?

I don’t want to do anything that does not work. If God shows me that it’s not working, I want to chuck it immediately. If God says that it is, but it’s hitting a snag, I want to tweak it day by day, according to Him, to make it cutting edge. If it’s fully working, I want to leave it alone and flow with it. There is not a second to waste.

The truth of the matter at least according to Jose. Jesus is doing more with Christians outside the church walls than within. The Holy Spirit is moving more actively outside the church walls, than within. God’s favor, which comes through people, is greater outside the church walls, than within. The fullness of Christ’s reality for the Christian will never be actualized only in fellowship with other Christians.