Resurrecting Above the Space Time Continuum

The space-time model where 3 dimensional objects are subject to the effects of the fourth dimension, passing time, keeps humanity a slave to the things of God.

Time describes change, aging, and decay, but there is none of that in heaven.

Through the reconciling work of Jesus Christ, reconciling all things to their pristine conditions before the fall of Adam, time is non-existent, because there is no change, aging or decaying affecting the objects in heavenly places.

Objects are forever more in their pristine condition.

They always exist in the now. Time has no effect on them.

The now moment is for timeless objects. Time is for change, decay and death.

The Garden of Eden was a timeless place. Adam and Eve would live forever. Nothing in the garden was subject to change, decay, or death, hence time meant nothing.

The coming ages of God’s kingdom, which come upon the church now and continually, through the work of Christ, contain these three-dimensional objects, all in the pristine condition before the fall of Adam, and not subject to the 4th dimension of time.

The renewed mind in Christ receives from these pristine and incorruptible heavenly objects in the now moment and must be freed from the continuum of passing time and the three-dimensional corrupted earthy objects which are affected by it.

This is the key to miracles and this is how God thinks.


Bosawas, in Nicaragua, is also called “El Pulmon de Centro America”, or the Lung of Central America. It has been declared a national habitat and is untouched by human beings. The notion of the lung is that its habitat and air are pristinely clean. It’s about as close to the Garden of Eden on corrupted planet earth.

Access All Areas

There is excellent jazz group by the name of Spyro Gyra.

Their live album is called “Access All Areas”.

The word access is a fascinating one.

Everybody wants access to something.

Google dictionary defines it as the right to approach, enter a place, and have the opportunity to use or benefit from something.

 Eph 3: 12  in whom we have boldness and access in confidence through our faith in him.

God is a God of mega access, who wants people to access the things of His kingdom.

The trick is that God’s riches are unsearchable because they cannot be accessed through the physical senses.

God has hidden them since Adam and Eve disobeyed and gave us re access when Christ came.

When the age of sin was introduced, man lost access to the things of God in the Garden of Eden. This garden was a physical representation of a portion of heaven.

Love shares all good things with the one whom is loved.  Love that cannot be shared is not love.

Every object in the Garden of Eden was flawless in its function, incorruptible in its nature, and eternal in its duration.

It’s funny that the Garden where Adam and Eve were at was called Eden. The word hedonism comes from Eden and is the doctrine that pleasure and happiness is the highest good. Eden means pleasure.

God kicked out Adam and Eve because of sin, and the rest is history.

Eden represents God’s eternal mindset for created man.

Gen 2:16   Yahweh God commanded the man, saying, “Of every tree of the garden you may freely eat;

17  but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, you shall not eat of it; for in the day that you eat of it you will surely die.”

 God cannot give sinful human beings physical access to this heavenly place lest they access it in their sinful condition, corrupt its flawlessness by sin, and eat from the tree of life and become eternal sinners. What a dangerous position.

Thus God kicked Adam and Eve out from the Garden.

He also made it inaccessible by making it invisible so that corrupt men could not tamper with it for their own sinful purposes.

Can you imagine politicians having access into God’s invisible things?

When Christ came He gave man re access to all of these places, but only through Him and only by revelation. When He abolishes sin, access will come back through our physical senses but only in a sinless body.

God wants to give us access into all areas.

Jesus who has become all things, has become the access into all areas.

Not by might, not by power, but by His revelation.

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