Free Google + Hangout: “The Basics of New Testament Greek”

We will be doing several Google+ video hangouts in beginning this month!

This hangout will teach you the basics of the New Testament Greek.

 John 8:32  And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.”

•          Jesus told us that it’s not the truth that sets us free, but our knowledge of it.

•          It is the knowledge which ministers to these needs through the Spirit’s revelation that frees us.

•          The revelation of this knowledge exponentially increases when you study the Bible in its original languages.

 There is no way to become freer than by the study of God’s word in the original languages!

  •  I want to share the knowledge of twenty-five years of studying the New Testament in its original language of Greek with you.
  • I will teach you how to use the Strong’s Concordance numbering system.

The Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance is the second most important book in the world after the Bible. James Strong coded every Bible word to a numbering system and then defined them in their original languages.

 Most Greek resources are connected to Strong’s numbering system. Once that you can use the Strong’s concordance you can use most Greek resources.

 Secondly, I will teach you what the available Greek resources are, which ones I recommend, and how to use every one of them.

The Google Hangouts are part of the Google + social network which you join free, just as Facebook.

Google hangout allows for free video and audio calls up to ten people at once.

It’s like Skypeing  to up to ten people at one time.

Everyone sees and hears each other, which makes it great for a class setting.

You must have a camera and microphone on your computer

In many ways it’s similar to Facebook.

First you create a free Google account.

Once that you have an account you can create a simple page on Google + just like you did for Facebook.

 Add me as your friend.

Search for me via my email:

With your request for a friend, please leave me a comment or message that you want to be on our hang out.

I will make a note of it, give you the details and add you to the hangout.

The starting date will be in the week of March 10th.

I will announce specific date and time.

The hangout will run about for 90 minutes, with the last 30 allotted for discussion and questions.

These classes are totally free, but a donation to our ministry is suggested as God leads you, and you are able to.

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Emerging, Inc. is a 501 c 3 nonprofit ministry.  We issue you receipts for your

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Any questions before the time for the hang out do not hesitate to contact me.