Whatever you want men to do to you, thus also you do to them!

Mt 7:12 Therefore, whatever you want men to do to you, thus also you do to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.

How would you feel if someone tried to convert you to their religion in a Starbucks?
How would you feel if someone who hardly knew you pointed out your sins?
How would you feel if someone had zero interest in you except to sway you towards his beliefs?
How would you feel when you see him again? Would you be excited or would you run the other way?
Is this how your non church neighbor perceives you?
The greatest evangelism is the listening ear over a plate of food.
What about inviting your non church friend to lunch and listen to his story?clancy

Why I Hate “Evangelism”?

Why I Hate “Evangelism”?
If your church believes that revival is the most important thing that can happen may I prayerfully endorse the following?
Your church can no longer talk about revival, or even pray for revival without doing something about revival.
It is a fact that churches and pastors are busy and finding extra time to go out the marketplace is daunting.
How do you solve the problem?
Take one of your week day church meetings and change it into an evangelistic outing!
If your church has only one weekday meeting you can alternate it as an evangelistic outing twice a month and your scheduled meeting the other two days.
I have despised evangelist outings as I suspect most Christians do.
The reasons why they fail are the following.
Going out to the market place becomes a program rather than connecting with your neighbor.
There is an expectation that you have to talk to people.
What if you talked to no one? What if there is is no pressure to talk to anybody?
There is an expectancy of having to share the gospel in the outing. This expectation hijacks the process of getting to know your neighbor and changes the whole thing into a program.
What if there is no approach or method?
What if you talked about music and never mentioned Jesus?
Rock and roll is one of my best connecting points.
The thing of dividing into teams with the prospect of having to share the gospel or pray with somebody sends chills through me. I hate it. What is to be fun and normal becomes a project with quantified results. Forget the results!
Next, is the debriefing meeting at the end of the outing.
Thinking about debriefing at the end of the outing places a burden that I must achieve something to bring something back to the debriefing meeting. Be normal, for God’s sake. We don’t do live with debriefing meetings, do we?
The outing is geared to give you a feel for the marketplace, a love for your neighbor and an experience of what Jesus can do. It’s supposed to be fun!
What if the evangelistic gathering, had no expectation of what one must do?
What if the evangelistic outreach had no expectation of results?
What if no one shares the gospel and prays for no one?
What if people go without dividing into teams?
What if there are no debriefing meetings?
What if the group simply goes out to a Starbucks, buys coffee and hangs out.
What if it’s fun to get out of church?
What if your church began to grow because of this? What a concept!
What if this is the evangelism that Jesus likes?