A Father’s Day Message: “The World Cries Out For Fathers”

Pastor Jose Alvarez, assistant pastor at Doral Vineyard, will share a Father’s Day message for all fathers and fathers to be;  “The World Cries out for Fathers,” at Doral Vineyard Church.

A once severe stutterer, university drop out, a pornography, pot and alcohol addict, and overwhelmed with monumental insecurities, the last thing on Jose’s mind was the prospect of getting married and much less of becoming a father.

In 1979 as an agnostic, Jose had an encounter with the unknown God who led him to His Son, Jesus Christ.

Jose’s freedom and deliverance begun there.

Jose and his wife Mary tied the knot in 1988 and were blessed with four wonderful children, Lexy, Hannah, Sarah and Timmy.

As a father, Jose was  bound  with a selfish religious spirit spiced with  an “angry edge” towards his kids.

He had spent years attempting to mold them into his image of what a Christian should look like.

In 2009 near to the Christmas holidays,  God used the ministries of Ed Tandy McGlasson, and Jack Frost to show the bitterness and fear in Jose’s heart which had limited him from representing the father heart of God to his children.

Jose’s broke in repentance and tears. He asked each of his children to forgive him.

That Christmas Jose and Mary prayed  a father’s and mother’s blessing upon their kids, releasing them into adult hood and into the discovery of  their own path to God.

Jose today is dedicated to supporting the dreams of his children and not expecting them to mold to his.

Jose recognized that his journey to fatherhood was to be taken out of his own home and into the globe.

The world’s crying need is for genuine fathers and mothers.

Today’s generations are seeking out the unconditional love and unconditional acceptance of authentic fathers.

Church meetings and the message of “ Jesus loves you” are no longer enough.

People are looking to those who “walk the talk.”

To listen, to understand, to lovingly face the sin that hinders, to embrace another’s dream,  to challenge others to go beyond themselves, and to pass the baton to the next generation, are all attributes of a good father.

Pastor Jose will not only communicate the tools for being a father who accurately represents God in his own home, but today’s urgent call for fathers to all peoples, nations, and generations, regardless of beliefs or values.

Doral Vineyard Church is located at

8000 NW 25 Street

Doral, Florida 33122

Service time will be  11:00 AM on Sunday, June 17th, 2012.


In the 90’s

In the 90’s

In the 90’s