The Sink Hole, The White House, and Wall Street

About eight years ago, our family was invited to the home of Pastor Lalitha Rachur, in New Mexico to pray in the New Year. During this time I had a vision of the map of the USA with a caved in hole around the area of Connecticut and Massachusetts. Since that time I have been puzzled and disturbed by the vision, never getting an answer from the Lord as to what it means.

Last night (11/25/2008)  I was praying and I re asked God for the interpretation.

What He revealed me left me so troubled that I could do nothing more than ask Him to have mercy on our great nation, the USA.

The caved in hole was being progressively dug by several bulldozers. The bulldozers just kept repetitively digging up dirt and flinging it behind them. There was no rhyme or reason to their digging. The thoughtless dredging of the earth represents our American mindsets. It is a zombie like, robotic, unthinking consumption.

It was a wasteful, non-stopping, digging, excavating, grabbing and dumping, over and over and over.

A lustful need for more and more, without discernment, or thankfulness to God, or thinking of our neighbors, or our future, or of our children, was what I saw. Just a digging, grabbing, and dumping, a digging, grabbing and dumping, ensued throughout the vision.

If you have ever seen the phenomena of a sinkhole, as the hole widens, suddenly homes hundred reds of feet away,  lose their foundation and sink into the hole.

I suddenly saw the White House and Wall Street totally lose their foundation and collapse in into the loose soil near to the hole. By all effects, there was no more Main Street or Wall Street.

I realized then that America had not foundation except soil. I cried, O God, bring in some cement into the soil so that our White House or Wall Street do not collapse into the sink hole.

I realized that the cement must be brought in by the church. As I cried, it seemed like bits of cement were being injected into the soil around it, but it seemed too little.

We the church have been so asleep. After I got off my knees and went back to bed, I wonder if it is too little too late or of we still have time to awaken and place enough of the foundation of God into this land to prevent a total collapse of this country. I will continue to pray.

The Kenyans say, “Where God reveals God deals. “ I am thinking about my children and the generation that we are mentoring!

This Vision Came On


The Fork,The Butt, And The Rats

This vision was given about three years ago!

Last night in prayer God gave me a vision of the USA.

I could see what were many narrow tunnels burrowed into and below the surface of the land in an area of the country.

Perplexed at first by these slender excavations, I then in the vision saw rats making their way into the depths of the country through these passageways.  I was reminded that in places like New York City rats live in the cavernous and undetected sewers of the city.

The vision then changed to where I observed a large colony of rats, probably about a hundred, congregate together in a deep and large crevice beneath the land. These were the ones who had successfully dug through the slender burrows from the surface of our great nation. They were in constant interaction, what appeared at times like arguments, other like rebukes and corrections and others like whispered planning.

In the midst of all of these deliberations, there arose from their midst what was a rat with an Islamic cap.

The vision further progressed so that this Islamic rat acquired what appeared to be a fork.  He pushed the fork prongs up through the ground and out through the surface of the country.  As the fork emerged through the surface and into the outside I saw American people. They all looked like clones. They were fat, pot-bellied, totally out of shape, lethargic, balding and “couch potato” looking men. More than the physical nature of these folks, God’ told me that they were un discerning, unaware, foolish, and ignorant to what was going on.

They were all in a sitting type of posture, though I could not see chairs. The sitting position describes an additional lack of alertness and readiness. This is God’s description of the average American in the year 2009!  Three years later after this vision, the state of the average American has not changed!

The rat underneath the ground with the protruding fork stabbed the first man in his butt, lifted him up and moved him stealthily away from where he was, to another place. The man did not recognize what happened. As he was lifted up by the fork he kept his sitting position intact and where the fork placed him again, he remained unaware and in the same sitting position.

The Islamic rat and his underground cohorts repeated this action with a number of the cloned people moving them successfully from one place to another. Finally a space had been cleared out on the land. The rat emerged out into the open with his Islamic cap and what appeared to be a tablet of paper and a pencil and was writing. He was instituting Islamic doctrine and law in the USA.

Folks, the time is here. This vision from the Lord tells us what is already happening. The tunnels have been dug. The rats are beneath and underneath in the created sewers of our arrogance, and the rejection of God’s guidance and laws.  An appraisal of the awareness grade of a nation is found in its gullibility and naivety.  America scores high in this, I am sad to say.

I believe that if the Antichrist would show up with quick fix solutions to our most pressing problems, America would follow him.

Re 13:3  And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast.

In my burdened state I asked the Lord what to do.

He told me that our intercession would begin to excavate into the tunnels made by these rats until their diabolical plan could be revealed. I felt that the work would not be easy. This is a great and urgent calling to the Body of Christ from the Lord Himself

The fact that Jesus is revealing His secret means that we are being forewarned about that .

Am 3:7 Certainly, the Almighty LORD doesn’t do anything unless he first reveals his secret to his servants the prophets.


Jaws and the American Dollar

This was a prophetic vision I had three years ago.

As in the Jaws film where the unsuspecting swimmers are attacked by a huge shark, I saw swimmers gingerly swimming across the ocean blue. Huge sharks approached them from behind. The life guard who was a Christian prophet got up from his chair and blared out the warning of an impending attack. The swimmers were deaf and continued to swim on. These sharks were weird, though. They had the nose or snout of the a pig. They would approach the swimmers from behind and hit them with their snouts, but did not attack them. Because the sharks had not attacked, but simply butted the swimmers with the their noses, the former continued to feel safe, though many large sharks were in the waters.

As more and more sharks came unto the scene, the Christian life guard not only got up again and screamed, but got a megaphone and repeatedly uttered his voice onto the waters.

Suddenly the attack came. It happened in seconds. It was not an attack of carnage and blood. It was more one like countless household fuses massively short circuiting all at once. I could not see the sharks attack but I saw a mass and instantaneous short circuiting and explosive electronic power traverse across the waters.

I immediately saw the dollar sign and knew that it had to do with the demise of the American dollar and our economy. Every swimmer appeared dead as he or she floated head down, and back exposed in the ocean waters. Fortunately, there had been no carnage and the swimmers were not dead. They were all unconscious. The impact of the sudden electronic attack had rendered them unconscious.

Watchman Nee, the great Chinese apostle said that the only way to save a drowning man is to allow him to go unconscious and then he can be pulled safely out of the water. If a person attempts to save a drowning person when he is still kicking and flaying, both him and the one drowning will be pulled down to their deaths. So it is with a soul who does not know the Lord. While he is still arguing, and debating, and challenging the power and love of God, it is futile in many ways to continue to talk to him. We must wait until the circumstances of life and the folly of his own sins render him unconscious and then we can bring him to Christ.

I suspect from this that the demise of our dollar and economy which will render many unconscious, in hopelessness, distraught, and turmoil will prepare this country for a mighty revival of religion in Jesus Christ.