God Loves To Laugh!

How close are love, joy, and fun connected?
I understand when Jesus said; “that you joy may be made full.” Where there is pure love, will there be joy?
Where there is sadness will there be pain?
Pain, many a time is the fruit of an absence of love.
Where there is joy is there an element of fun?
Does a happy person have fun?
So why should breaking out and laughing when the Holy Spirit gives utterance is such a no no in the church? This is religiosity!
Is God not pure love, and therefore pure joy, and if the Holy Spirit is full of joy does He not promulgate fun?
Of course I am against fabricated manifestations, but if our churches were filled with the joy of the Lord and manifest fun experiences that a joyous God gives, will it not attract a world that is desperately seeking joy?
If our churches are so much of a religious service, why should young people who want to have some fun at the beach give it up to come to church?
I am not espousing a crazy zoo of carnally created manifestations.
Neither am I saying that the Holy Spirit is not serious, nor does He not convict of sin, nor does He not want to teach us the scriptures.
What I am saying is that when the joy of the Lord is greater in the church than in any other worldly institution, the people will naturally come.
People are drawn to joy and fun. For that to happen, the Holy Spirit must be the only person of interest in our churches.
We need to be delivered from getting religious when the Holy Spirit breaks in with joy, laughter and let it rip!
For this revival will have joy and fun in it, the antithesis of what is happening in the world.