Big Bertha’s Evangelistic Ministry

I did not drive Big Bertha for two months while in NY.

Not only was the gas tank empty but the tires had lost air from her being parked. I had started her twice since my arrival and the battery though weak, had spurt to life.

After filling the tires I turned off the engine to vacuum the interior. Lo and behold, the battery was dead.

I did not have a jumper cable and the five Miamians whom I asked did not either.

Fortunately there was a Tires Plus in walking distance.

The attendant was nice enough to loan me a fully charged jumper battery. Indeed, Berthas battery, already old, had died after two months of no use.

Since coming from NY God has given me a desire to be neighborly to folks and just reach out to them.

As I sat waiting for Bertha I spoke to an elderly couple who the husband had been a lawyer for 45 years but retired after seeing corruption among his fellow lawyers. It had disheartened him.

There was another couple who had left Venezuela because of the shenanigans of the current administration.

I was surprised when the man said that Venezuelans are not praying people. “If ten percent would cry out to God, He would deliver them from the current evil regime,” he retorted.

We agree that only divine intervention can save Venezuela.

As we chatted, another woman, a seventh day Adventist who was also waiting for her car, got into the conversation. We ended having a big 30 minute exchange about the Lord in the middle of the Tires Plus lobby in Miami!

After that, I went to get my haircut with the hair dresser who has been cutting my hair for two years.

As I sat I told her that I had been out of town for two months on a ministry trip. “Ministry trip”, she asked her eyes wide open.

I realized that in two years I had not discussed God with her. She told me that she has been a devout Christian since a young girl. We had the best conversation we had ever had. She then asked me for a business card of our church

She added at the end of the conversation that if I knew a genuine hardship case of someone who needs a haircut and cannot afford it, to let her know.

I guess this is part of her ministry.

Case and point, whether in NY or Miami, or anywhere else, people are just people.

The love which Jesus has for everybody always wins out.

All it takes is kindness, being friendly and neighborly and not be intimidated by walls of insecurity. Break through, reach out, and you will be surprised what God will do.

What the devil meant today to thwart some of God’s plans, He used that very thwarting to bring His love and glory.