Como Orar Para Venezuela?

Heb 2:5 For it was not to angels that He gave authority over that world to be, of which we are speaking.
6 For someone somewhere has solemnly said: “What is man that you should think of him, Or the Son of Man that you should care for Him?
7 You made Him inferior to angels for a little while, Yet you have crowned Him with glory and honor, You have set Him over the works of your hands,
8 You have put all things under His feet!” Now when He gave Him authority over everything, He did not leave a single thing that was not put under His authority. But as yet we do not see everything actually under His authority,

Today we hear so much about the new world order and the coming of the Antichrist.
In the account above, the writer of Hebrews tells us that the born again regenerated man has authority “over that world to be”.
“World” in verse five is the rare Greek word “oikoumene” which describes our globe in the sense of its being inhabited by people.
It is the world where life with its differing cultures, languages, habits, blessings, conflicts and disease is dynamically occurring.
As we proceed further through the verse we find the words “to be”. In the Greek this is the verb “mello”; “to come.” This verb is in the present active participle tense which simply describes an event as continuously and constantly coming or arriving without pause or interruption.
The kingdom of God comes to us in exactly this same way in Hebrews 6:5.

Hebrews 6:5 and have experienced how good God’s message is and the mighty powers of the age to come, (mello) (present active participle).

The author of Hebrews tells us that the regenerated man in Christ is to exercise continual authority for the glory of God over the affairs of our inhabited planet as he encounters them from moment to moment.
In verse five, the words “He gave authority” and in verse eight the words “He gave Him authority” is the Greek word “hupotasso”. This verb is really a military term signifying absolute hierarchical or rank subjection. An army private is in subjection to a sergeant who is in subjection to a captain who is in subjection to a general who is in subjection to the president. Demons are subjected to believers in this fashion.

Luke 10:20: However, you must stop rejoicing over the fact that the spirits are submitting (hupotasso) to you, but continue to rejoice that your names are enrolled in heaven.

He who believes in  the loving authority of Jesus Christ is called to bring the normally and abnormally transpiring events of our inhabitable globe into constant subjection to the will and the kingdom of Christ.
I just realized that it is not the Antichrist who is supposed to bring a New World order, but it is the believer in Christ who is supposed to do so. Even the Antichrist system as part of the habitable word is militarily subjected to the believer in the will of Christ who can find total success and victory in it.
We know that the Antichrist will come, but why be sitting ducks waiting for this to happen.
From this moment on I am repenting of saying that the secular system is exercising a new world order. Though in the long run  the Antichrist will come why not exercise the kingdom of God, now?
From now on, I will confess, declare and do that I will exercise a New World Order (The order of the kingdom and will of God) in all the events, difficulties, blessings and hindrances which come my way.
You get my hint?
Why not begin praying this upon Venezuela?

Heb 2:5 Porque no fue a los ángeles, que ha dado la autoridad sobre ese mundo que sea, de que estamos hablando .
6 Para alguien en algún lugar se ha dicho solemnemente: ” ¿Qué es el hombre para que usted debe pensar de él, O el hijo del hombre que debe cuidar de él?
7 Le hiciste inferior a los ángeles por un rato, sin embargo lo coronaste de gloria y dignidad , le pusiste sobre las obras de tus manos ,8 Usted ha puesto todas las cosas bajo sus pies! ” Ahora, cuando le dio autoridad sobre todas las cosas , Él no dejó ni una sola cosa que no haya sido puesto bajo su autoridad. Pero todavía no vemos todo lo que en realidad bajo su autoridad,

Hoy escuchamos mucho sobre el nuevo orden mundial y de la venida del Anticristo.
En el relato anterior, el escritor de Hebreos nos dice que el hombre nacido de nuevo regenerado tiene autoridad “sobre ese mundo para ser”.
“Mundo ” en el versículo cinco es la palabra griega rara ” oikoumene “, que describe nuestro mundo , en el sentido de su ser habitado por personas.
Es el mundo donde la vida con sus diferentes culturas, idiomas, costumbres, las bendiciones, los conflictos y la enfermedad se está produciendo de forma dinámica.
A medida que avancemos aún más a través del versículo encontramos las palabras “ser” . En el griego es el verbo ” mello “; ” Por venir. ” Este verbo está en presente participio activo que se limita a describir un hecho que continuamente y constantemente viene o llega sin pausa ni interrupción.
El reino de Dios viene a nosotros exactamente de la misma manera en Hebreos 6:5

Hebreos 6:5 y han experimentado cuán bueno es el mensaje de Dios y de los grandes poderes del siglo venidero, ( mello)  (participio presente activo) .

El autor de Hebreos nos dice que el hombre regenerado en Cristo debe ejercer autoridad continua para la gloria de Dios en los asuntos de nuestro planeta habitado, como él los encuentra de momento en momento.

En el versículo cinco, las palabras ” Él dio la autoridad” y en el versículo ocho las palabras ” le dio autoridad ” es la palabra griega ” hupotasso ” .
Este verbo es en realidad un término militar que significa jerárquica absoluta o rango sujeción.
Un ejército privado está en sujeción a un sargento que está en sujeción a un capitán que está en sujeción a un general que está en sujeción al presidente. Los demonios se someten a los creyentes de esta manera.

Lucas 10:20 : Sin embargo, usted debe dejar de alegrarse por el hecho de que los espíritus están presentando ( hupotasso ) a usted, pero continuará a alegrarse de que vuestros nombres están inscritos en el cielo.

El que cree en el poder amoroso de Jesucristo está llamado a llevar a los eventos de forma anormal de de nuestro mundo inhabitable en el sometimiento constante a la voluntad y el reino de Cristo.
Acabo de darme cuenta de que no es el Anticristo , que se supone para traer un nuevo orden mundial , pero es el creyente en Cristo, que se supone que lo haga. Incluso el sistema Anticristo como parte de la palabra habitable está militarmente somete al creyente en la voluntad de Cristo que puede encontrar el éxito total y la victoria en el mismo.
A partir de este momento me estoy arrepintiendo de decir que el sistema secular está ejerciendo un nuevo orden mundial.
A partir de ahora , voy a confesar , declarar y hacer que voy a ejercer un Nuevo Orden Mundial ( La orden del reino y la voluntad de Dios) en todos los eventos , las dificultades, las bendiciones y los obstáculos que se me presentan .
Usted consigue mi pista?

¿Por qué no empezar a rezar esto en Venezuela?

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“Oh, I get by with a little help from my Venezuelan friends.”

No, I am not promoting a USA military takeover of our Western hemisphere neighbor, Venezuela.

But I am disgusted by the actions, or should I say, inactions of our nation, with our good neighbor to the South.

I am baffled by the silence of the lambs in the USA.

It has deafened me!

As Venezuela sinks and rots, unarmed and helpless under the tyrannical fist of Hugo Chaves and Nicolas Maduro, our media is obsessed rather with the 500 theories surrounding the Malaysian flight, so many miles further away. Why?

Not a minute has been dedicated to the plight of Venezuela while hours of coverage are accumulated upon the missing flight.

Shame on them!

Our politicians, for the exception of Ileana Ros and Marco Rubio, are too busy with their Pinocchioisms, political game playing, and mega vacations!

Shame on them!

Has Maduro silenced us with cheap gas, or it is that our government is too socialist and secretly backs up this rule of despotism?

Has our media been ordered to stay silent?

I am reminded of the words of our Savior

Matt 22:39 And the second is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’

Luke 6:31 And just as you want men to do to you, you also do to them likewise.

In other words, “what comes around, goes around!”

Let’s pray that we are not in real need one day, just like Venezuela, and she recalls our selfish ditherings and chooses to reciprocate and not help us.

Mournfully we’ll gaze up to Joe Cocker, sobbing,

“Oh, I get by with a little help from my Venezuelan friends.”


Venezuelans Who Do Not Fear Martyrdom!

These pictures have moved me, ever so much

This  occurs in Venezuela as we speak.

Leopoldo Lopez is the opposition leader against the tyrannical communist government of the now deceased Hugo Chaves and his protegee and current president, Nicolas Maduro.

I fled from a communist country and now how demonic it is!

Students in Venezuela have been marching against Maduro.

Three were killed by this tyrant.

Maduro threatened Leopoldo Lopez with arrest if he walked in today’s march

Well, indeed this courageous man not only showed his face and marched, but surrendered himself into the hands of Maduro, saying that he has done nothing wrong and thus his conscience is clear.

I know that he is right.

What fate will await Lopez in the hands of these savage leaders?

Only God knows.

If the seed of martyrdom will spark the revolt that Venezuela needs, I believe that Lopez is ready to pay it.

Martyrdom is a very tough thing.

Let our prayers frevently go out to this valiant man, his wife, and the many other Venezuelans who are not afraid to become modern day martyrs for the cause of freedom.

May God be with them in this hour of trial and subsequent liberty!

UPDATE ON THURSDAY. My understanding was that close to midnight last night, Leopoldo Lopez was tried in a prison which is illegal. Two charges were dropped but he still faces ten years of prison. This family has sacrificed itself to spark the flames of a revolution against the tyrannical government of Chavez and Maduro. 

All photos are courtesy of “El Universal’s” twitter page

Their web address is


Leopoldo Lopez surrendering himself into the hands of Nicolas Maduro just hours ago. Please pray for him!


Leopoldo Lopez being thrust into the tank by Maduros soldiers which will take him to the Palace of Justice in Venezuela and an uncertain fate.


Lopez’s wife praying after his surrender and arrest


Lopez saying good bye to his wife before being taken to the Palace of Justice


Lopez walks with Maria Corina Machado on his way to surrendering to Maduro. Machado is a courageous woman who vocally opposed Chavez to his face. She ran for president against Chavez and lost in an obviously fixed election.


Lopez in the tank after his arrest


Courtesy @liliantintori


Talking tyo the protesters from the tank after his arrest


Saying goodbye to Maria Corina Machado before his arrest


Leopoldo earlier on today.