What Is The Power of Forgiveness?

In the Navajo dialect, “Dine” is the word for “The People.”

My family lived among the American Indians from 1997-2005.

They were mainly the Navajo and Pueblo Indian Nations of New Mexico. We lived side by side to them in the small town of Pena Blanca

It’s been a privilege knowing these great people. There is so much that I can say about Native Americans. We have been hospitably received by them.

Something tells me that God will spark revival among them based on His principle that the last shall be first.

I discovered that God did not make it easy for me to preach to Native American Christians without first asking their forgiveness.  What the white man such as me has done to them throughout history in the Name of Jesus is inexcusable and irreprehensible.

One time my wife Mary and I were invited to preach at a large Navajo church in Ganado, Arizona, in the heart of the Navajo nation.

We had been video filming Holy Spirit outpourings in the Navajo Nation. The pastor wanted us to talk on the project which God had given to us. Our vision was to promote Christian television for Native Americans.

The church was packed with more than two hundred Navajo folks. Mary and I were the only white faces in the crowd.

We sat towards the back of the sanctuary. It was the only free seats. The pastor was to call me up once the worship concluded.

As the songs rang out God broke me. “How can you preach to these people without first asking them to forgive you and the white man for all the terrible things that you have done to them?”

I felt so small, so insignificant next to these great people.  I saw beauty in their faces, and the majesty of God upon them.

I realized the intense love that Jesus had for them and how wonderfully He had created them to be.  My heart broke with shame and remorse. I sat with my head hanging between my knees.

“We want to welcome Brother Alvarez from the Christian Indian TV Network, who is going to share with us what the Lord is doing with them,” The pastor’s voice rang out.

People clapped as I proceeded to the podium. I felt broken and weak. What could I say but the truth?

As I looked squarely at the mass of people nothing about the work with Native American television would come out of my mouth. I was almost crying, my heart broken in half.

Stammering and stuttering I said, “I was going to speak to you about our work with the Christian Indian TV Network, but as I sat back there God really broke me. He told me that before I could ever preach to you, I need to ask you to forgive me and the white man for all the wrong things that we have done to you. Will you forgive me and the white man?”

There was dead silence in the sanctuary.

One lady finally chimed up, “We forgive you Brother Alvarez.”

The service grounded to a dead halt.  People arose from their chairs and came up to the podium. Mary and I stepped into the river of people.  We all began hugging. Tears were flowing.  Words of love were uttered. The glory of God broke out. It was true revival!

One man came to me, “I was so bitter at the white man, but today God has set me free.”

Another man hung his bolo tie with a beautiful turquoise around my neck. A lady did the same to Mary and a turquoise necklace.

Needless to say, there was no discussion about Christian Indian Television.

The power of forgiveness is one of the greatest powers in the universe. Humbling yourself without defense or justification or asking what about the other guy is a great tool.

This is revival; this is the glory of God.

Repenting to the Dine is The Power of Forgiveness.

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With our beautiful Navajo friends in Shiprock, NM


Mount Mary!

Here is s story of why it’s so important to live by the voice of the Holy Spirit.

I remember a specific incident when we had lived in New Mexico.

God had called us by faith to leave Miami, Florida and move to New Mexico.

We were almost penniless and I did not have a job.  My family lived in a tiny duplex between two Indian Nations, the Santo Domingo Pueblo Indians and the Cochiti Pueblo Indians. We did not have a washing machine and would take our laundry to the laundry mat at Cochiti Pueblo.

Having no money we had amassed, nineteen loads of laundry.

We lovingly called the huge mountain of laundry in the middle of the bedroom, where we had to repeatedly wear dirty clothes from, “Mount Mary,” after my wife.

From babysitting one day, my wife got $20.00.

Hurriedly we went to do our laundry in Santa Fe.

Sunday morning, we packed up our car with nineteen garbage bags of clothes and went first to our regular church service with plans to do laundry once that the service finished.

However,  in the middle of the preacher’s sermon I heard the undisputable voice of the Holy Spirit, tell me “Leave!”

My family was sitting close to the preacher, about two rows from the front.

I was shocked that God would say that.

I immediately objected to the Lord, that to have six people walk out from the preacher’s sermon would be highly embarrassing.

“Lord”, I protested, “this is the rudest thing ever!”

The rhema word of God came loud again; “leave!”

I was angry at God.

Very unwillingly, and very humiliated, my family got up and left to the lobby, heads bowed, looking down at the floor.

There, we were met by this forty  year old man who pointed to my eight year old daughter and said “come here little girl.”

You can imagine my fatherly reaction to have a grown stranger, asking my little girl to come to him.

I pointed my daughter to go this man, anyways.

As she walked towards him, he pulled out a $20.00 bill and gave it to her.

We were to find out that the nineteen loads of laundry and soap cost us 39.75!

Obedience to the Lord is far more important than all religious sacrifices, and word of prophecies.

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On a current road trip just last month, this is my wife Mary and my daughter Lexy. They are standing in front of the duplex where the famed story of Mt. Mary happened, fifteen years ago. Lexy, was the eight year old girl in the story.

“And friends are friends forever If the Lord’s the Lord of them”

A seed as any seed, takes a long time to spring and bear fruit.

My wife Mary, and my daughter Lexy, are in New Mexico on the way to LA.

Lexy is re settling from NY to So Cal to continue with her career.

They are driving cross-country with Lexy’s stuff.

Our family lived in the grand desert beauty of New Mexico between 1997 to 2006.

Though absent for eight years, we keep many lovely friendships.

Yesterday, Mary telephoned me from Albuquerque, breathlessly.

They met up with a friend in the town where we used to live.

This man told Mary.

“I will never forget the time that Jose prayed for me.

I was working with a chronically bad knee.

My knee was so bad that I could no longer hold my job and had to quit.

 Jose asked if he could pray for my knee. I told him yes. He asked me to roll up the leg of my pant and proceeded to rub my knee with oil and pray.

Then he left.

Months later all the pain was gone.  

I was able to go back to work, and in ten years the knee has never ever hurt me again.”

I clearly remembered that occasion such a long time back.

My friend was limping so badly, almost as long as I knew him.

My prayer had little faith. I did not feel God’s power. But I had God’s compassion for him.

It made my day to know that my friend with the chronically bad knee was healed by God.

It’s all about love.

We did not have many spiritual things to speak about.  But the love of Christ was always there.

I says, that it’s all about love. When in doubt, love.  When not in doubt, love

I never gave that day a second thought.

For me, my prayer in Jesus Name,  and my flask of anointing oil, had been one seed to plant in a soul’s life.

But as a seed in the hands of the Great Sower planted in the garden of the Great Vine Dresser, it sprouted to become the fruit of a beautiful testimony.

Never underestimate what God is doing through you, my friend!

Ga 6:9  And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.

Finally, as look with wonder at these smiling pictures of people whom we have not seen for eight years, I can only think of Michael W Smith’s sublime song, “Friends”

“And friends are friends forever

If the Lord’s the Lord of them”

And a friend will not say never

‘Cause the welcome will not end

Though it’s hard to let you go

In the Father’s hands we know

That a lifetime’s not too long to live as friends.”