No One Knew!

These are stories from our ministry trip to New York in June 2014!

Eph 3:20 Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us,
We are our way from Nyack NY to Miami.
God had proved the reality of the above verse.
But it was not always like this.
When the Lord called us to spend two months away from home and children it was scary.
Knowing that He would have to supply two separate set of bills was daunting.
No one except my wife knew that with less than two weeks before the trip, no money had come in.
No one knew that I was discouraged and frightened and was tempted to cancel the whole thing.
No one knew that it was until I got on my knees, and prayed that money came.
No one knew the apprehension that I had about going to the streets of America and share the love of Christ, after I heard hat religion is dead and that everyone is unreceptive towards God.
Don’t listen to the media! They don’t represent Americans.
I owed my accountant money for the taxes that we had filed before leaving.
No one knew how God miraculously covered our mortgage by someone whom we don’t know too well.
No one knew how large sums of money came in from people whom I have little contact with.
No one knew how almost one thousand dollars came in this Sunday in NY so that we could return back to Miami.
No one knew that when we arrived in Nyack and knew that God told us to go out to the streets I tried to make excuses not to do so.
No one knew that we had no idea where and how to start ministering the love of Christ outside the church walls.
Religion might be dead in America but not God.
We encountered an overwhelming hunger from so many for the love and kindness of God.

Everyone is hungry for relationships, to talk, to be listened to, to be shown an interest in, or to get a prayer from God.
For seven weeks ministry has not ceased as God brought us divine appointment after divine appointment.
We did not experience hostility or rejection. Those who were atheists, or into yoga or new age, were kind to us. So many ideas were exchanged.
With open arms we were welcomed by the body of Christ in Rockland County in NY.
We had opportunity to go to my wife’s 40th year high school reunion in CT, which was awesome.
My daughter Hannah visited us.
Our friends from Miami, Maria Passwaters and Joyce Jones flew in and got caught in the flow of the revival spirit hitting Rockland County.
Why do write all this?
It’s not to tout my horn, lol!
I am just a mortal like you.
I struggled with the same sins, deal with the same unbelief that everyone does.
But I think that I’ve learned to push into the dreams which God has given me.
I’ve learned to obey God at all costs.
I have learned that to be a spectator to someone else’s vision is suicide.
I have learned that allowing fear to overtake me to where my destiny is jeopardized creates chronic boredom.
I’ve learned how to laugh at myself and to be a fool for Chris rather than to be someone else’s wise man.
So many miss out on what Mary and I experience because they choose not to obey.
So many miss out on the amazing things that God has for them because they do not jump into the waters of God’s adventures.
So many will live and die missing what God had for them.
For many, Christianity is a spiritual spectator sport where people vicariously participate through the testimonies of the few who play.
God has called none to be an onlooker and everyone to play.
Don’t let this be you. Test and see that God is good, but do test.


Human Dignity Even In Death

An impacting moment at the Nine Eleven Museum.

Hidden in a crevice of a wall from those who would be affected is an exhibition honoring those who jumped from the burning towers to their death.

Photos of people in midair tumbling to the ground flashed before my eyes.

There was also a quote from an eye witness which stated, and I paraphrase.

“My eyes looked up at the building. A woman in a business dress approached the edge of the window of the towering inferno. Tightly she held her skirt down with both hands so that none could see her dress flying in the wind, and then jumped.”

What a poignant example of human dignity even in death.

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Spiritual Thoughts From New York

Don’t develop a tunnel vision with what God is doing in your church that you miss the bigger vision of what God is doing outside of her. The reality of Christ requires a balance and participation in both.

The truth of the matter at least according to Jose. Jesus is doing more with Christians outside the church walls than within. The Holy Spirit is moving more actively outside the church walls, than within. God’s favor, which comes through people, is greater outside the church walls, than within. The fullness of Christ’s reality for the Christian will never be actualized only in fellowship with other Christians.

We met a man who told us that his friend had died. Mary innocently told him that one day he would see him in heaven. His defensive answer was that he did not believe in all that stuff that he believed in scientific Darwinism. That was the end of the conversation for I have no grace to convince or chase him down. Neither did Jesus. As we bid him good bye I could tell that he was shaken up by the mention of heaven. I suspect as with all others who profess atheism that he had been burned by religion somewhere. My sadness for him lingered seeing the pain that he is in and the doors that he has shut.

“The best way that God will manifest Himself to you is when you approach your search with an earnest heart and a measure of humility. Many times when we approach the existence of God simply with an attitude of mental or argumentative debate, God won’t show up. Remember, I was like all agnostic and atheists at one time of my life, and when I became sincere in my search for Him, I had an encounter which drastically changed my life.
What encounter could I have had that radicalized my life for 37 years, took me out drugs without rehab or help, purified my heart from pornography addiction, changed my source of employment forever and all my beliefs about deity.
It is all too simplistic to say that I have been conned or psychopathically deluded all these years.”
My response to someone to day on my blog entry.

What is evangelism? There is a world of people stuck in pain, rejection and darkness awaiting for you to come and notice them, pay attention to and father them, and promote them in the love of Jesus. The harvest is far greater than what can be seen. There are millions upon millions like these awaiting for you.

The goal of freedom in Christ is to allow the Holy Spirit to become the undisputed and unhindered leader of your life. Nothing is as vital as this if we are to see life changing things impact people’s lives. Towards the end of the service at Silver Springs Vineyard Church of Nyack I suddenly got a vision of a powerfully moving river teeming with the waters of life. Since the river was flowing downstream by the force of gravity, nothing could stop it. God told me, this is the river of my Spirit that I wish to release today. Because gravity pulled it forwards, I had to do nothing but stretch out my hand and let it flow out of me. The first person we prayed for was a little lady in her 70’s. She was so massively touched that she leaned against the wall, out in the presence of God. I believe that for nearly two hours the river flowed to many and yet we did nothing but to stretch out our hands. Jesus is beautiful.

I am talking to one of my missionary friends in India who is using prophetic evangelism quite successfully. In my life, a good portion of the relationships that today I have come to enjoy came out of prophetic evangelism. Everybody wants a word from Almighty God, I don’t care who they are, unless they have absolutely hardened themselves to Him. It is terrible for anyone to say that spiritual gifts are not for today. They need to seek the face of God and repent. I don’t know how many of my present relationships would have been short circuited if I had believed that nonsense.

The difference between the one who calls himself a Christian and has a love for Christ but never attains to Christ’s fullness versus a true disciple of Christ who does, is hardness of heart.

Mt 1:18 Now the birth (genessis) of Jesus Christ was on this wise: When as his mother Mary was espoused to Joseph, before they came together, she was found with child of the (out of the) Holy Ghost.
Our genesis comes out of the Holy Spirit. No connection to our natural birth.

EW Kenyon, one of my favorite Bible teachers along with Austin Sparks, says this about faith. There is a level of faith which allows me to enter in and begin to obtain what you have asked from God. The next level of faith allows me to become fully established into what I have obtained which is the definition of having my dreams come true. I must confess that I have learned to operate in the first but have never allowed myself to move into the faith which establishes and manifests my dreams. For the latter to work, I must develop the habit of walking on waters and risking it all. It cannot be the exception, it must become the habit. I am ready for my dreams to become true, what about you?

2 Cor 3:14 But their minds were blinded: Blinded is the Greek word, porosis, defined as callous. Our thoughts can become calloused. The most effective way to callousness is disobeying the voice of God speaking through the Holy Spirit. Be careful this does not happen to you.

If it’s the voice of the Lord, throw yourself into the waters of RISK, also spelled FAITH, big time. This is the only way achieve all that God has in His mind. It’s a question of how much you want to achieve, according to your mind, or Gods?

I don’t want to do anything that does not work. If God shows me that it’s not working, I want to chuck it immediately. If God says that it is, but it’s hitting a snag, I want to tweak it day by day, according to Him, to make it cutting edge. If it’s fully working, I want to leave it alone and flow with it. There is not a second to waste.

The truth of the matter at least according to Jose. Jesus is doing more with Christians outside the church walls than within. The Holy Spirit is moving more actively outside the church walls, than within. God’s favor, which comes through people, is greater outside the church walls, than within. The fullness of Christ’s reality for the Christian will never be actualized only in fellowship with other Christians.