To be candid, I am not one of those Christians with a visceral disliking of the President. I believe we can’t “pray FOR rulers” and talk AGAINST them. That being said, when the President steps out of his office into commentary on faith at a prayer gathering he engages a different kind of conversation…and response.
ENTER the President at the National Prayer Breakfast this week. In case you missed it, after criticizing ISIS with appropriate remarks, the president said: “And lest we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place — remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ.”
Here is where the President started drifting.
First, do American Christians need to “get off their high horse” in their response to Islamic barbarism? At that prayer gathering Mr. President was worried. That’s not a high horse it’s high anxiety!
Obama is actually spiritually tone deaf. The people he spoke to didn’t exist in that room.
Second, does he still believe Islam does not have a problem? For 6 years Obama has forcefully tried to separate Islam from what terrorists do, in the name of Islam. He has a sweet spot for Islam and sees the Jihadists as frustrated extremists who have been made so, largely because of America. To him the terrorists are giving beautiful Islam a bad name.
ISIS is bad he says, but this week he associated these atrocities with Christian history, sighting the Crusades and Spanish Inquisition.
“Crusades?” Really? Didn’t that happen 700 years before America was formed? But that does not matter to the guest speaker.
Let’s explore this linkage in an Obama wired brain:
the Islamic quest for a Caliphate is what Christians did once also. Just like ISIS is trying to create, by conquest, a unified Islamic State, those prayer breakfast Christians tried to create the same thing. Oh how you forget. Yes you, my friend, are guilty of the Medieval Popes’ Crusades and the Inquisitions.
This point must have really hit home to the crowd, three-fourths of whom are Protestant and in fact would have been persecuted by the Inquisition. Times have changed and so has the Catholic church. Can you imagine how brain dead you would have to be to remind your Catholic friend about his culpability in the Spanish Inquisition?
THIS is the progressive left psychology many of you have been warning me about. The President helped me. Honestly. I had an awakening.
The “Progressive Left” professors have been shaming American kids through the University and education system for over two decades. The Left points out everything wrong with America and nothing right. By shaming our history, we lose our patriotic love for country and along with that the balanced truth about our history.
The left shames the whites about slavery.
The heterosexual is shamed for not being “open” to gay marriage.
Feminism shames men for wanting girls to be girls.
The productive people with money are shamed into giving more and more back “of their fair share”, as Obama puts it.
And this week the left shames Christians for their connection to the Crusades, Inquisition and Slavery with its aftermath in Jim Crow laws.
And now I am ashamed I didn’t see this earlier. The Left Progressives by feeding the young and the discontented with a narrative of “resentment” toward America and its Christian roots, have been simultaneously shaming all the opposition into submission.
Bishop E.W. Jackson said last night on FOX NEWS in response to the President: “I would remind the president that the Crusades began in 1096 as a response to Islamic aggression, and the fact was they had conquered the Holy Land and they were oppressing eastern Christians. And there was a response to that, so if the President is even gonna cite that as an example, then he ought to get his history complete.”
Obama didn’t stop with comparing today’s Jihadists to Christian sins of 800 to 1,000 years ago. He spoke about Jim Crow laws. True. Here are some high carb fat facts:
1. There were Christians in the South fighting to defend the abominable institution of slavery and they resisted Lincoln’s post war Reconstruction.
2. There were Christian abolitionists in the North who agitated the nation into war.
3. There was a Christian named Wilberforce who eradicated slavery in England.
4. Christianity on the whole is history’s most civilizing agent and the greatest foundation for a free and prosperous society.
Should THAT not be the message a Christian leader makes on an occasion such as this?
By reminding us of what happened 900 years ago or with Jim Crow, Obama is saying in effect – you prayer breakfast Christians of all people should be humble in “assuming you have all the answers” or a direct line to divine revelation.
Man. Talk about edifying the brothers at a national prayer gathering. If you were a guest hearing this (as many world leaders were) would you be inspired by the President’s faith in the Gospel? I’d sooner have hired Jack Kevorkian as a wedding DJ than have this President marketing America or the power of faith.
The WEEK had this to say: “Churchill, in summoning the British people during the existential threat of World War II, didn’t dwell on their faults — in fact, he talked about defending “Christendom” and western civilization. As Joe Scarborough said today, Obama’s comments are “the equivalent of FDR, when giving a speech against Nazi Germany, going, ‘Now, of course, what we did to the Indians…really bad….so we really have no room to talk about what Hitler is doing.”
So the President linked the misdeeds of Christianity past with the misdeeds of Islam today. And where does he fit in this continuum? He is not numbered among those pompous Christians in that room. He is the enlightened humble statesman.
By linking the worst of Christianity past with the atrocities of Islam today you get a glimpse into the Obama worldview about religion and faith and public policy.
See the problem? Forget theology. Forget the fact that Catholicism had a Reformation and Islam needs one. Does this President see the militant threat for what it is? No. He sees Islam in transition and Christian (right wing) America he sees as its haughty critic. Hence his history sermonette this week.
He does not understand the issue. Islam desperately needs its Reformation and no Martin Luther has stepped up to the plate. Until that happens the link between the radical and the Koran is unchecked and the threat increases.
The equating of radical Islam to Christianity is an error in metaphor and policy.
This isn’t a right wing / left wing editorial response. It’s a moment of clarity into how this President sees the world’s single greatest threat in a nuclear age. Praying his successor is less Neville Chamberlin and more Churchillian.
Let’s not misquote the President. He did say this: “Our job is not to ask that God respond to OUR NOTION OF TRUTH — our job is to be true to Him, His word, and His commandments…. And that means we have to speak up against those who would misuse His name to justify oppression, or violence, or hatred with that fierce certainty. No God condones terror. No grievance justifies the taking of innocent lives, or the oppression of those who are weaker or fewer in number.”

That’s a good speech ending – but not entirely true. This president DOES act on his “notion of truth” and has advanced it in the gay agenda and policy toward not arming Jordan, removing troops when they were needed in Iraq to keep ISIS from coming into existence, and his attitude toward working with Israel right now. He manages our 18 trillion dollar deficit based on his notion of truth. If nothing else, this leader has very high opinions of his notions and an equal consistency in their pursuit.
It’s “his notions” that are problematic.
May God give him great wisdom as he sets the stage for the next act of American history, and may we find a leader who can speak at a prayer breakfast and inspire the world to know Jesus! Hopefully someone that actually likes America.
– Lance Wallnaulance


With the stabilizing of American relationships with my country  of Cuba, what does God think?
I  trust His mouth but don’t  trust what comes from the mouths of politicians.
Tragically my default is not to believe  them until I get results.
But who should believe Pinocchio, anyhow?
What are the political motives  to normalize relationship? Only God knows.
The Castro brothers are driven by the dollar that will supplement a failed pipe dream.
I am bothered that the pope stuck his hand into this. His motives might be good, I don’t know.
The fact that politicians and pope can work out political deals, demonstrates the little that we know about what occurs.
I celebrate the lifting of the embargo for the sake of my fellow Cuban, who will have more breathing room.
In retrospect , the fifty year restriction did very little good.
A surge in the free market system which has  been veiled from my people might motivate them to revolt against the despotic Castro’s.
I got this from a friend which caused me to reflect on how God sees it.
“We have prayed against the principalities and ruling powers in Cuba and for salvation for the people. This could be a big breakthrough.”
God will exploit this move to open the island to a greater move of the Spirit and strengthen economically His church.
Cuba is experiencing revival, but the church dwells in poverty.
The possibilities are now endless if Cuba’s Christian leaders use them wisely.
How will it materialize in light that deals are brokered by ultra-corrupt politicians?
We will wait and see.
I am not counting my chickens till I see them hatch.


America, The Beautiful!

“I’ve said this before but it bears repeating. The most dangerous man in the world is the American president in his second term. He becomes more dangerous in the last two years of his second term as his party has no more elections to be concerned for.

Obama has begun his reign of terror and scorched earth policy. First by his unilateral amnesty program and now by dropping over 3000 new regulations on the American economy through the executive branch agencies. This is where the new tyranny lies. Regulations do not have to go through Congress. They are produced by unelected bureaucrats inside each agency and signed off by the POTUS. As usual they deceptively release these on Fridays and prior to holidays when no one is paying attention. Not that it would matter as there is no oversight and no way that Congress can stop this.” Anonymous

Most fail to see the resolute agenda of the present White House to destroy the America which it hates.

All it takes is three massive moves, an “A Bomb” of sorts, to negatively transform this nation.

  1. Universal mandated health care disguised as a tax.
  2. Unilateral amnesty
  3. Three thousand four hundred and fifteen new government regulations quietly released before Thanksgiving.

Happy Holidays from your Federal Government!


My Three Hundred Word Take On ISIS.

I wish nothing more than to be wrong in my assessment about ISIS.

An effective fight against the methods of the devil requires a life filled with God’s truth.

Secondly, it requires absolute repentance from every known sin, and praying through everything.

In fact, total victory against the devil’s lies requires overwhelming spiritual force against him in Christ Jesus.

Even then, the battle against overturning his lies can go on for years.

Fasting, if need be, and leaving no stone unturned, are keys to victory.

ISIS is a demonically inspired work of the devil.

This group must be handled in the same way as the devil.

I heard that its ground forces have swelled to 31,500.

No doubt it will expand all the more as disenchanted human beings find purpose and destiny in joining the organization.

Overwhelming, non-bar force to wipe it off the face of the earth is the only way.

The White House’s piece meal and tepid response leaves me very concerned.

The strategy it is using will never work against the devil, and neither against ISIS.

Sufficed to say, the world is becoming a very dangerous place.

America has her head in between her knees staring into the toilet bowl waters of entertainment and media.

We have gotten to the point that our only protection is the voice of the Holy Spirit.

The Federal government’s attitude towards evil for whatever reasons it may have is extremely precarious, for it does not confront it.

I am the more concerned that catastrophic wakes up calls await our nation.

Lord Jesus have mercy, I fix my eyes upon you as my only source of protection.

May Americans wake up and see the same.


Why Socalism Does Not Work Work In A Fallen World: My Talk With a Cuban

I had the privilege of praying for a husband and wife who not only recently arrived from Cuba, but who visited the island a week ago.

What the man told me confirmed what Ive always known

“Look, the Communist socialist system does not exist”, he said. “What you have are opportunistic people who have created a system that promises collective altruism but that really is a device to tyrannize people and enrich themselves as they subjugate the nation into poverty, by stealing from them, under their sham creation.”

The likes of Maduro, Chavez or the Castros are not socialists, neither are they communists. They are fat cat capitalists, the real opportunists, who have learned to dupe a nation into believing the lies of self-sacrificing socialism until they make the playing field so uneven, that the only ones who can play in it is them.

Socialism can only work when it leaders have impeccable character, and when their hearts are in the right place with the people whom they lead.

I have never seen this.

This can only occur in a world where the sinful nature of people is dealt with by the Lord Jesus Christ.

The socialism that we have in place is what this gentleman correctly called, the opportunism of opportunistic people.

Therefore, because we live in such in a fallen world, free market enterprise is the only system that will work until Jesus comes back.

In the free market system, you have the same corrupt opportunistic people. Yet everyone who wants to be opportunistic has the same opportunity.

Free market enterprise gives a level playing field to all opportunistic people who want to practice opportunism.

The so-called communist socialist model, only affords the playing field to the opportunists on the top.

If you look at our own American politicians who preach income inequality, big government, aid to all, and benefits to the poor, their vacations are grossly extravagant, their salaries are in the millions and their corruption stinks to the highest heavens. They are the biggest of opportunists, they are fat cat capitalists.

I say level the playing field for all opportunists, endorse free market enterprise, lest the few free market opportunists at the top endorsing phony socialism will starve and subjugate all of us into the extinction through land grabs, execution, torture and jails.


“Oh, I get by with a little help from my Venezuelan friends.”

No, I am not promoting a USA military takeover of our Western hemisphere neighbor, Venezuela.

But I am disgusted by the actions, or should I say, inactions of our nation, with our good neighbor to the South.

I am baffled by the silence of the lambs in the USA.

It has deafened me!

As Venezuela sinks and rots, unarmed and helpless under the tyrannical fist of Hugo Chaves and Nicolas Maduro, our media is obsessed rather with the 500 theories surrounding the Malaysian flight, so many miles further away. Why?

Not a minute has been dedicated to the plight of Venezuela while hours of coverage are accumulated upon the missing flight.

Shame on them!

Our politicians, for the exception of Ileana Ros and Marco Rubio, are too busy with their Pinocchioisms, political game playing, and mega vacations!

Shame on them!

Has Maduro silenced us with cheap gas, or it is that our government is too socialist and secretly backs up this rule of despotism?

Has our media been ordered to stay silent?

I am reminded of the words of our Savior

Matt 22:39 And the second is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’

Luke 6:31 And just as you want men to do to you, you also do to them likewise.

In other words, “what comes around, goes around!”

Let’s pray that we are not in real need one day, just like Venezuela, and she recalls our selfish ditherings and chooses to reciprocate and not help us.

Mournfully we’ll gaze up to Joe Cocker, sobbing,

“Oh, I get by with a little help from my Venezuelan friends.”