Twenty truths, half truths and lies about evangelism!


Awesome evangelism team with Wynwood Church, Miami, at the Wynwood Art Walk

Not all places are equal when it comes to evangelism. Nyack, New York is one of the more conducive places because of the relational slow moving aspect of the city. New York’s changes of seasons attracts many to the outdoors.
On the other hand. Miami, Florida is one of the most difficult. The generic uncultural structure of the city combined with its eternal summers, drives people into their air conditioned homes, autos and Starbucks.  But yet, God has a strategy for every place.
1.    My evangelistic passions arise in New York and wane in Miami. So will yours according to locations.
2.    Yet, the thread is that people are people wherever one lives. We share the same fears, joys, hopes and disappointments.
3.    People are looking for people, who truly care, who will listen to their story, get into their lives, and counsel them with wisdom and the spirit of father or motherhood.
4.    I find very little difference between the churched and unchurched.
5.    I find that I minister to people in the just about the same way in the church as I do outside.
6.    I find that Jesus Christ easily brings church into the market place, and that the church should never be confined to the walls of a building.
7.    I find that the holiness and sanctity of God is felt as strong with the dingiest people on the streets as it is in a glorious worship service.
8.    I feel more bored inside a church than I feel outside of it.
9.    I see God more enthusiastically moving outside of church than inside.
10.    People outside of church are as excited to receive a word of prophecy as those inside.
11.    The enemy of the church is not the world. It’s not an us versus them clash. There is not a deep dark witchcraft world that we must spend hours bounding and rebuking in the safety of the church walls. That’s a cop out. The greatest warfare is going into the marketplace to shine your light that darkness will not contain.
12.    The church for many has become a ghetto. Get out of your ghetto. There is a big world to explore.
13.    I see evangelistic opportunities called “visitors” that God brings to church on Sundays  and which most church goers will miss because of selfishness, fear, and passivity
14.    I was a severe stutterer for forty years bounded by panic and fear. If I can talk to people on the streets, so can you. Practice makes perfect.
15.    In Nyack, the best evangelism is called coffee evangelism. I grab a cup of coffee, sit and wait for God to move. What is God’s strategy where you live? He must have one!
16.    If you sincerely get into people’s lives to love and serve them, even the atheist will hear you.
17.    Someone suggested the best name for a Christian coffee house, “The Listening Ear.”  What a concept!
18.     God’s river is flowing through every city. The key is to find it and flow in it.
19.    In evangelism, the key is your will. We must adopt the Nike slogan, “just do it.”
20.     We pray for revival, but its here. God has heard our prayers. But without your co cooperation in His marketplace, your prayers will remain prayers prayed in the ghettos of your churches.