The Parking Spot

This is the coveted parking space at a Publix in Miami.

It’s closest to the store so it’s not empty for more than 15 seconds.

It’s so desired that in 10 minutes one day I observed separate irate customers get out from their cars and challenge another customer who had taken it.

One lady ran out from her van to tell another woman, “Did you not see that my friend had been waiting to get this spot?”

So I was fortunate enough to find it empty and take it.

I now avoid it like the plague!

# 1 The proximity of the spot to the store provides a ceaseless bombardment of people coming out from it who walk right behind my van, shopping carts and all.

# 2 The same proximity affords a ceaseless bombardment of cars which turn right at the spot trying to get it or another close by.

# 3 South Floridians are weatherized in 24/7 AC which cannot be healthy to a human body. Why not afford a few minutes per week of natural air that you skin can breathe?

#4 Of the 38 lbs. which I’ve lost one of them is the extra three minutes of walking to the store per year, by parking farther. Just think of the weight you can lose?

 # 5 The three minutes of additional walking is lost in the five minutes of added time in getting out of the spot combined with the potential for a heart attack as extreme stress and anger develops as I am blocked by a continual flow of cars and people.

# 6 What about preferring your neighbor sometimes over yourself?