America, The Beautiful!

“I’ve said this before but it bears repeating. The most dangerous man in the world is the American president in his second term. He becomes more dangerous in the last two years of his second term as his party has no more elections to be concerned for.

Obama has begun his reign of terror and scorched earth policy. First by his unilateral amnesty program and now by dropping over 3000 new regulations on the American economy through the executive branch agencies. This is where the new tyranny lies. Regulations do not have to go through Congress. They are produced by unelected bureaucrats inside each agency and signed off by the POTUS. As usual they deceptively release these on Fridays and prior to holidays when no one is paying attention. Not that it would matter as there is no oversight and no way that Congress can stop this.” Anonymous

Most fail to see the resolute agenda of the present White House to destroy the America which it hates.

All it takes is three massive moves, an “A Bomb” of sorts, to negatively transform this nation.

  1. Universal mandated health care disguised as a tax.
  2. Unilateral amnesty
  3. Three thousand four hundred and fifteen new government regulations quietly released before Thanksgiving.

Happy Holidays from your Federal Government!