The Most Sinful!

We live in times in which we don’t talk about sin.

Sin, simply stated, is missing the bull eye of God’s all wise and loving laws for humanity.

Who is always on target with God’s laws?

Jesus Christ, who effectively satisfied the judgment of God the Father for sin, now living in a person, makes that person right with God, because of what He did, and not what the person did.

But I am here to tell you what occurred this morning.

There had been maladies that I have unsuccessfully combated to become free from, some as long as twenty years.

All my crying  to God did not heal me, because in fact, they were caused by the love of certain secret sins.

These infirmities had gone from bad to worse, making me miserable, and causing me to be scared for my health.

About six months back, Jesus smacked me up beside the head with the Bible.

It stung and put a fearful dread in me, but also blessed me.

Joh 5:14  Afterward Jesus found him in the temple and said unto him, “Behold, thou art made whole. Sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee.”

I realized that though still battling the infirmities, faithful Jesus was promising to heal me, if I repented.

I feared now that the malady might become a chronic disease and even kill me.

Now then, repentance has little to do with weeping, wailing and the gnashing of teeth.

Repentance, is derived from a compound word which translates as a change of mind, or appositionally said, to be brainwashed, by the Word of God.

Mt 4:17  From that time Jesus began to preach, and to say, Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

Here Jesus loosely sates, “get brainwashed by the Word of God and your obedience to Him, so by them, you may enter into God’s kingdom and do its works.”

Repentance, commences with the loving and disciplinary voice of the Holy Spirit advising that you have reached the end of God’s rope with a particular sin.

From then on buddy, things will simply get worse.

You’ll know when God finally highlights your sin and the time of asking for forgiveness and repeatedly wallowing back into it, is done and over.

So my trek to repentance began on that day

I still fell back into the sin several times a week.

It wasn’t until  recently that I grasped that if I was to be completely healed I would have to totally cease from this lifelong habit.

Now I feel that total healing is mine, finally, twenty years later!

Excited, to slowly tap into my new-found freedom and the exhilarating joys of  plowing into God’s snow white purity, I am pressing in prayer to my final breakthrough.

This morning as God dealt profoundly with my heart, I heard His words; “Most Sinful.”

God told me that the secret love, the idol of sin, which I had harbored in my heart, was Most Sinful to Him.

And now so, because I had really repented, He was removing The Most Sinful, and its roots, which had  nurtured the infirmities for so long.

I have been a Christian since 1979.

I can say with confidence that ninety percent of my sicknesses have been caused by the love of some sin in tandem with demonic attacks, as the sin afforded open doors for the demons to sicken, and keep me sick.

Anyone who reads this blog and that has unsuccessfully battled for freedom from sickness or disease, ask of God if there is an open door through the love of a secret sin.

Sometimes sickness is not caused by sin, but many times it is.

I believe that the Christian who lives in a repentant life style can also live in supernaturally healthy life style.

Its time Christian, whoever you are, to be delivered from The Most Sinful.