Resurrecting Above the Space Time Continuum

The space-time model where 3 dimensional objects are subject to the effects of the fourth dimension, passing time, keeps humanity a slave to the things of God.

Time describes change, aging, and decay, but there is none of that in heaven.

Through the reconciling work of Jesus Christ, reconciling all things to their pristine conditions before the fall of Adam, time is non-existent, because there is no change, aging or decaying affecting the objects in heavenly places.

Objects are forever more in their pristine condition.

They always exist in the now. Time has no effect on them.

The now moment is for timeless objects. Time is for change, decay and death.

The Garden of Eden was a timeless place. Adam and Eve would live forever. Nothing in the garden was subject to change, decay, or death, hence time meant nothing.

The coming ages of God’s kingdom, which come upon the church now and continually, through the work of Christ, contain these three-dimensional objects, all in the pristine condition before the fall of Adam, and not subject to the 4th dimension of time.

The renewed mind in Christ receives from these pristine and incorruptible heavenly objects in the now moment and must be freed from the continuum of passing time and the three-dimensional corrupted earthy objects which are affected by it.

This is the key to miracles and this is how God thinks.


Bosawas, in Nicaragua, is also called “El Pulmon de Centro America”, or the Lung of Central America. It has been declared a national habitat and is untouched by human beings. The notion of the lung is that its habitat and air are pristinely clean. It’s about as close to the Garden of Eden on corrupted planet earth.