The Holy Spirit VS The Pentagon

America is in a race. It’s a race against evil. There are more ominous signs of impending evils befalling our nation than in my sixty years of living.  The political leadership in Washington is so spiritually vacuous and fragmented to the point that it is impossible for it to keep the evils from sweeping America.  Only a spiritual awakening through revival, beginning with a sleeping church can prevent it. The Pentagon can no longer protect us. For one, numerous of its top brass are sold out to DC politicians. They have become yes men. The only American protection is the Holy Spirit. I wonder, who or what will win the race?  Will it be the power of an awakening church who will stop the evil through prayers and the preaching of the gospel? Or will it be a nation who slowly arouses after frequent catastrophes of evil assaults it? We have a fifty fifty odd of going either way. I have never seen America as unprotected as now.  I recommend those who know God to put their trust in Him as their protection through Jesus Christ. Those who do not know Him, get to know Him right here and now.  Don’t wait for me to find you and preach to you. You have the power to talk to God.

Am I an alarmist? At this point, I am, without doubt.

It’s no longer the Pentagon who will protect us, but the Holy Spirit.

“Oh, I get by with a little help from my Venezuelan friends.”

No, I am not promoting a USA military takeover of our Western hemisphere neighbor, Venezuela.

But I am disgusted by the actions, or should I say, inactions of our nation, with our good neighbor to the South.

I am baffled by the silence of the lambs in the USA.

It has deafened me!

As Venezuela sinks and rots, unarmed and helpless under the tyrannical fist of Hugo Chaves and Nicolas Maduro, our media is obsessed rather with the 500 theories surrounding the Malaysian flight, so many miles further away. Why?

Not a minute has been dedicated to the plight of Venezuela while hours of coverage are accumulated upon the missing flight.

Shame on them!

Our politicians, for the exception of Ileana Ros and Marco Rubio, are too busy with their Pinocchioisms, political game playing, and mega vacations!

Shame on them!

Has Maduro silenced us with cheap gas, or it is that our government is too socialist and secretly backs up this rule of despotism?

Has our media been ordered to stay silent?

I am reminded of the words of our Savior

Matt 22:39 And the second is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’

Luke 6:31 And just as you want men to do to you, you also do to them likewise.

In other words, “what comes around, goes around!”

Let’s pray that we are not in real need one day, just like Venezuela, and she recalls our selfish ditherings and chooses to reciprocate and not help us.

Mournfully we’ll gaze up to Joe Cocker, sobbing,

“Oh, I get by with a little help from my Venezuelan friends.”


So Why Do We Make Love To The Nursing Home Man?

Rom 6:6 Knowing this, that our old man (palaios) is crucified with him, that the body of sin might be destroyed, that henceforth we should not serve sin.

Palaios “an old man according to age,” is defined as a toothless, 150 year old, cane walking, IV sucking, dying and decrepit nursing home man.

He is also the cruelest of beings. He is a slave trader, and a fierce slave master.

His slaves are all the men and women of this world, no matter what religion, color or age.

This old man is the sinful nature, or as Paul calls it, the body of sin which every person is born with.

Adam and Eve did not have this sinful nature until they sinned. The seeds of disobedience permeated them and quickly sprouted this body of sin, the old man, which is passed down to every person.

The old man is a sin producing engine.

He keeps humans captured and blinded by releasing continual sin into them.

People cannot do anything else, but sin!

When they try to stop, the engine runs all the harder.

The old man knows that the only one who can kill him is Christ and His cross. 

Thus he deceives people into hating Christ.

He encourages them to live independently from God, making them believe that independence from God is a virtue, when utter dependency is the only way.

His only purpose was to be killed by the cross.

Yet people would rather reject Christ and continue to keep this dude alive.

They will perfume, cosmeticize, idolize and pamper him.

Humanity rejects the gloriously beautiful Christ Jesus, to lie in bed and make love to this dilapidated man in his nursing home!

Ah, the price of loving sin is trillions of dollars!

Most of the American debt is created by the administration of sin.

The only way to cut the debt is to acknowledge the only one who can destroy sin and by that diminish the expenses of administering it.

The only way out of the financial mess is repentance back to Jesus Christ.

Yet the IV of dollar bills is fed into the veins of this man as he mocks humanity through his toothless mouth.

“Oh my little darlings,” the man taunts, “thank ya for keepin me alive!”

“I am so glad you hate Jesus and love me”, he bellows in laughter.

“You’re a just a bunch of fools!” he shakes his head in gleeful disbelief.

America does everything that does not work and refuses to do the one thing which does. Such is politics and politicians.  Many will get a rude surprise, though!

Arrogance and pride is not only the downfall of man, but the greatest agent to create spiritual blindness.

But for those who want to get rid of this decrepit and evil man, Christ is always available.

But for many others, the love of this decrepit and evil dude will take them to the wrong side of the grave, and when they end up in not so nice a place, their eyes will finally be opened to this old nursing home man.

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The Future Of The Real Media

Of all the talk radio personalities, the most thought provoking one is Glenn Beck. I cannot get my information anymore from the media, for its information is disinformation. As a matter of fact, I am getting my news either from tweets during a crisis, Face book friends, or fellow bloggers, just like me. The reality of who people are is not portrayed either by Washington politicians or the media. What comes out from these two sources is really something from another planet. Beck says that the success of the media comes in that a certain unity among it sources to transmit its disinformation. The Associated Press and the United Press international were created just for the purpose, to bring an association or unity of the media for the transmittal of information. Beck goes on to say that among people who wish to transmit truth, this association or uniting of sources does not exist. He wants to have an association of bloggers,  who are on the same page. Quite frankly, I believe that the future, and the future is now, for the transmittal of accurate news is in the hands of bloggers and tweeters. I don’t know what my part is in all of this, but it’s definitely thought-provoking. No longer can I look to the media as my source of information. I am praying and thinking.


The Vision of the White House and Wall Street

About five years ago, our family was invited to the home of Pastor Lalitha Rachur, in New Mexico to pray in the New Year. During this time I had a vision of the map of the USA with a caved in hole around the area of Connecticut and Massachusetts. Since that time I have been puzzled and disturbed by the vision, never getting an answer from the Lord about what it means.

Last night I was praying and I re asked God for the interpretation. What He showed me left me so troubled that I could nothing more than ask Him to have mercy on our great nation, the USA.

The caved in hole was being progressively dug by several bulldozers. The bulldozers just kept ritualistically digging up dirt and flinging it behind them. There was no rhyme or reason to their digging. The thoughtless dredging of the earth represents our American mindsets. It is zombie like, robotic, unthinking consumption. It was a wasteful, non-stopping, digging, excavating, grabbing and dumping, over and over and over. A lustful need for more and more, without discernment, or thankfulness to God, or thinking of our neighbors, or our future, or of our children. Just a digging, grabbing and dumping, digging, grabbing and dumping.

If you have ever seen the phenomena of a sinkhole, as the hole widens suddenly homes hundred reds of feet away, suddenly lose their foundation and sink into the hole.

I suddenly saw the White House and Wall Street totally lose their foundation and collapse in into the loose soil near to the hole. By all effects, there was no more Main Street or Wall Street. I realized then that America had not foundation except soil. I cried, O God, bring in some cement into the soil so that our White House or Wall Street do not collapse into the sink hole. I realized that the cement must be brought in by the church. As I cried it seemed like bits of cement were being injected into the soil around it, but it seemed too little. We the church have been so asleep. After I got off my knees and went back to bed, I wonder if it is too little too late or of we still have time to awaken and place enough of the foundation of God into this land to prevent a total collapse of this country. I will continue to pray. The Kenyans say, “Where God reveals God deals. “ I am thinking about my children and the generation that we are mentoring!

This Vision Came On

Jose Alvarez



Kicking The Can Down The Road, Once Again

I agree with Senators Rand and Rubio, some of the few flickering lights in Washington.

The fiscal cliff deal is nothing else than kicking a rusty and deteriorating can down the road, once again.

As a matter of fact, it’s actually a worse can, because for the 600 billion dollars of tax revenue there must had been 1.2 trillion dollars of spending cuts if Washington was really interested in the welfare of the nation.

But it doesn’t.

My understanding is that there is only something like 25 billion dollars in cuts.

So we will continue, as a nation which is bankrupt, to print up more play money.

So what have I learned from this?

It’s what Father Anthony De Mello said.

“Human beings really don’t want the cure, they simply want relief.”

They don’t want reality, they simply want their toys.”

“They don’t want to change as long as their pain is manageable.”

So the American can keeps on getting kicked down the road.

But then, the rest of the globe is also kicking their own cans down the road.

As long as everybody is kicking their own cans down the road, well, then now one is forced to face the piper, at least not for now, because we are doing the same thing.

So that the process of kicking cans down the roads, putting small band aids on huge cancers, and sweeping massive amounts of dust underneath tiny carpets may work a while longer.

On day it will catch up for many.

So it not my place to worry, and try to convince of what I know is right, because people don’t want to be convinced.

In 2013, I will love and enjoy people, be sure that I am fulfilling my destiny in Christ, and that I am not kicking my can of unreality down the road, and that I will want the cure and the change in all things that I am still deceiving myself.

Quite personally, I think that the American can will break apart and it will come to bite many, but only God knows the date and the hour, and I am not God.

Happy New Year everybody!

May you truly want the cure and the change that is real and eternal.


Is This The Finger of God?

Is this the finger of God?

I am not saying that it is, or that it’s not.

It’s interesting that it, along with the stifling heat over the USA, occurred right after the Supreme Court Decision upholding Obama Care which legally subsidizes the killing of the unborn, passed.

If you are interested in finding out if this was God’s finger, or just another weather phenomena, ask Him.



Is this the finger of God?