Mr. Rob Bell, Who Poisoned The Fountain of Youth ?

Adam                   130                         800                         930

Seth                      105                         807                         912

Enos                       90                          815                         905

Cainan                    70                         840                         910

Mahaleel                65                         830                        895

Jared                      162                        800                         962

Enoch                     65                         300                         365

Methuselah             187                         782                        969

Lamech                  182                         595                         777

Noah                       500                        450                         950

NAME                HAD IST CHILD      REMAINDER          DIED@

For those who wink at sin or say that they are not sinners, above is a chart of the longevity of the first generations of humans, as sin was beginning to permeate the race.

Sin, is missing the target of what God has designed for humanity.

This chart shows us why Jesus Christ paid such a frightful price to restore mankind from the utter toxicity of sin, that it, the portion of humanity who wants restoration. Not everybody does, because if they do, they want it on their terms, and not God’s, which is non-negotiable with Him.

This also demonstrates why universalism, or saying that hell is not real, would depict that there is nothing wrong with sin, since everyone regardless of what they do, all share the same destiny.

This would also expose Jesus Christ and what He did as the biggest idiot and the greatness madness on planet earth.

Chart courtesy of Dr. Peter Pett.


Our bathing water in Aram Kenya, where there are no wells.