Repression in Venezuela ( Now In English )

Most of the You Tube videos coming out of Venezuela are in Spanish. This one has English sub titles. I still don’t know why our government and media have institutes a blackout on a crisis that is worse than the one in Ukraine. This is an overview on what happens on Venezuela. If you feel led to share do so, and let the English speaking world know what is happening to our Western hemisphere neighbor, Venezuela.

Mr. Piers Morgan, What Is Your Take On This Video?

I’d love to hear Mr. Piers Morgan’s take on how to curb the gun violence of a fully armed military attacking an unarmed nation in Venezuela.
Just look at this video.
He reiterated his take on gun law as he parted with CNN.
Chavez took the druggies and prisoners, purchased them guns, motorcycles, and gave them a monthly allowance in exchange for their becoming the paramilitary and thugs who now kill Venezuelans.
It’s easy to theorize from under the lights of a cushy CNN studio, a mug of your favorite coffee at your right hand.

America! Beware of Gun Control

God is using the unfortunate fate of Venezuela to warn America of what hers could be.

We must learn from Venezuela’s mistakes, and not commit them.

America MUST never ever give up her right to bear arms. BEWARE of gun control! America is a nation which gets easily swayed by the latest fad of political correctness. In Venezuela, we have a fully armed, evil, tyrannical, communist dictatorship, horribly oppressing a nation which is unarmed. Where are the nation’s guns to defend herself? They have none! Last night a Venezuelan reporter, three months pregnant, was assassinated by gunmen shooting from a car. We must never ever allow any federal governments disarm us, or we will end up like Cuba and Venezuela.

Attached is a video of what happened in Venezuela on Saturday when the nation cannot defend herself.

The photo is one of government sponsored gun men attacking the unarmed population.

And yet we hear so much talk of gun registries and control in our country?

On Monday, the leader of the Unity Henrique Capriles, spoke through his Twitter account @ hcapriles, in relation to the statements made by national government spokesmen about the murder of a young woman with 3 months of pregnancy in the development of the New Teques, Miranda state, on Sunday night when as she was walking home a van passed shooting at unarmed demonstrators who were protesting in the street.


Adriana Urquiola dead


RIP, Adriana Urquiola, you and your baby


Adrians Urquiola, three months pregnant ,murdered last night in Venezuela by gunmen in a moving car. Where is her gun?



Who Are The Super Heroes?

A basic knowledge of Spanish is required,
In Venezuela, the superheroes are the young college students like this girl who have withstood the tyrannical Communist government of Nicolas Maduro.
As of recent Maduro’s henchman are using motorcycles with two policemen to grasp these youngsters and haul them away. To where, God only know?
In America, many have been enamored by the so called altruistic motives of socialistic communism, thinks that their motives are to help the poor.
Nothing can be further from the truth. This is socialistic communism.
In this video, we see a young girl videotaping eleven of these motorcycles hauling away these kids.
All of a sudden one of the policeman approaches the girl videotaping, commanding her to stop taping.
You can hear the girl repeatedly answering him, “why”, “why”, “why”, to every one of his demands to stop.
The rest is history as you will see.
What happened to the girl?
I don’t know, but the video got out.Please pray for Venezuela that it will not become another Cuba.
These kids are the superheroes.


Rod Stewart had a song named, Every Picture Tells a Story.
How much more needs to be said about Nicola Maduro’s thuggery in Venezuela.
Here two of his henchmen, dragging away a kid on their motorcycle, to who knows where. Yesterday he was transporting 7 or 8 army tanks.
This is the real story of Venezuela. This is the real story of socialist communism.
Picture courtesy Leo Ramirez at AFP